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    Holland Long Range Shooting School - Bolt Manipulation

    very nice video. I would love to take one of his courses. gun):D
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    U.S. Optics Commercial

    Thats a good looking scope. Would you consider it better in low light than the USO or on par with them?
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    U.S. Optics Commercial

    When comparing scopes that i would consider for my rifle, it must be great in low light conditions. My gun will be a meat gun first and a bench gun second. In my area of the country with the thick pine trees that border alot of feilds, it is very hard to make out the quality of the bucks that...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS NIB Leupold scopes VX3L and VX 7 (IN)

    if you still have the vx-3 in a couple of months i will take it. :D here is a bump for ya until then.
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    Few Things. Impress Me - This does!!!!

    that is a monster bear . I would love to hunt them but the wife thinks i will become dinner,lol. congrats
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    Just bought a Rem. 700 R5 308

    thanks for the help guys, those are some very good points. I shoot a 30-06 now and have shot milk jugs out to 400 yrds now but i really want to learn how to read the wind and place bullets in the black at longer ranges. I did the research on this rifle before i bought it and for the money i...
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    Just bought a Rem. 700 R5 308

    Hey guys, I just bought a R5 308 at the local gun show and i cant wait to get a scope on it and see how it shoots. :D I wanted a gun i could start shooting some long ranges with, but im wondering if i should have gotten the 300 instead of the 308. I would like to work my way up to 1000 yd shots...
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    enter me in the Swarovski/Cameraland give away contest.
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    hello from North Carolina

    Hello guys, New here from NC. Been looking into some long range shooting and this site looks great. Alot of knowledge here and i look forward to hanging out with you guys. :D Charles