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    Good Colorado buck

    I’m not much of a deer hunter but that’s a wall hanger if I ever saw one .... congrats.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Alex Wheeler built 7 Saum “Price Drop”

    Dear Sir, Interested in your firearm but have questions - contact phone #? Thanx, jim
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    Which annealing machine?

    I had an Annealeez, worked ok but I reload for MULTIPLE cartridges. I went with the AMP and have no regrets (except for the initial cost). Dialing for multiple different cartridges is so much faster for me the time savings and convience was way worth it (to me) as opposed to making changes on my...
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    Best auto powder trickler?

    Been a while but I think so - do internet search. Sorry I can’t be of more help as it was several years ago and worked so well never had to go back.
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    New Death Ray on the way !

    Totally agree with Jan as I have and continue to do the same with my R93 in 7STW.
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    Best auto powder trickler?

    Really satisfied with the RCBS Charge Master with the addition of straw for dispensing accuracy and altering the dispensiong speed to speed things up - alterations made a BIG DIFFERENCE. Now dead on for 19 - 20 throws out of 20. This is my second Charge Master.
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    Tur hunting

    Best to be in your best “sheep shape” .... as a baseline as more challenging than any sheep hunt I have ever done - based on 30 years Dall Sheep hunting and over 20 international sheep. Best of Luck and “enjoy”.
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    What’s causing this group?

    I have had that same problem several times in the past .... always corrected with rebedding the action.
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    Remington 600 .350 mag

    I came across a synthetic Pachmayr stock once at a local gun show that my son’s 308 Rem 600 dropped right into without any needed modification - wish I had found it before I paid a gunsmith to cut down the blocky wooden stock that those 600’s come in - he was only 12 yo at the time and way too...
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    Primer Question

    In one of Nosler’s prior Loading Manuals (maybe number 2 or 3) there was a notation at the bottom of the page where the technitions discussed optimal powders for reloading where it was also noted that sometimes they had noted improved accuracy with the use of magnum primers - this was for the...
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    Primer Question

    Many moons ago I was working up a sheep hunting load for my sheep hunting to be son in one of the original Rem 600 in 308. By mistake I used some Fed 215’s rather than 210’s for as I recall IMR 4350. Much to my surprise I noticed that the accuracy INCREASED by a good .5 MOA which proved to be...
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    How many bags do you have?

    How many bags do you have?
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    Dear Sir, I have two Kimbers chambered for 7WSM - one for me and one for one of my sons so could...

    Dear Sir, I have two Kimbers chambered for 7WSM - one for me and one for one of my sons so could use some more Win brass for our 7WSM’s. What would you be asking for any extra brass you that you are interested in selling? Jim Billman
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    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    COAL with the 150 gr Hammer’s is 2.740” After checking my reloading log it looks like I quoted some inaccurate info, specifically the primers are CCI 250 and the load is 71.8 gr with extractor imprints after 72.0 gr. The bullets are HBN coated.