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    7-08 vs 280Ai kimber montana.

    My wife and son both use 7-08 fr everything up to and including elk under 300 (Their realistic range).
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    Boots for Pronghorn Hunting

    Kennetrek has put out a lot of new models since I bought mine, check their website. They now have a "Desert Guide" boot built on the Hardscrabble medium hiker without insulation and they also have a dedicated hiking boot. I use the standard Hardscrabble here in Montana all 4 seasons with gaiters...
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    For those who NEVER clean their bore, or almost never

    I shoot mostly Barnes. Most of my rifles like a slightly fouled barrel to shoot Barnes bullets well. However, I have noticed that they do build up a lot of copper fouling. That's why I said, I wait until the rifle tells me, then clean and shoot several fouling shots. I do clean chamber and I do...
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    Help me pick cartridge

    Any .277 (.270 Win, WSM, etc) with a fast twist to shoot heavier bullets, .280/AI, 30-06, etc... IMO, no need to go super magnum. To me they just are not fun to shoot, ammo is much more expensive and in many cases harder to find. Modernize a rifle for appropriate modern bullets by using a...
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    For those who NEVER clean their bore, or almost never

    I am with the "let your rifle tell you when it needs to be cleaned" crowd. Accuracy changes, clean, then fire 2-3 fouling shots before accuracy testing again. All my rifles do not like a 100% clean bore. I have only one that is not finicky at all about clean/dirty, and that is my .25-06.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    In 2017 a bird hunter here on the Rocky Mt Front killed a 500 lb female griz with his 12Ga and bird shot. It was close range, surprised both of them after shooting a bird, and he hit her with 2 loads of #6. She died in the willows later after turning away...
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    I didn't shoot this big dog.

    Between coyotes and feral pigs, quail in Central Texas don't stand a chance and have been utterly decimated. We used to have 2-300 bird seasons. Now, you never hear a call anymore except for a few properties where folks raise and release birds. We don't even bother to hunt the family property...
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    I didn't shoot this big dog.

    My thoughts exactly, that's no pure coyote
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    The main recommendation from the AAR of the guide who was killed last year in Wyoming was: 1. Always try to move the animal into a clearing before cleaning in Griz country and, 2. Always have an alert and ready sentry posted during cleaning. I’ve always followed this and never had an issue...
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    25-06 Harvest Thread

    I have one as well, stock Vanguard S2 with the trigger switched out for a Timney. Out of the box it shot the 100Gr Barnes Vor-Tx load so well I have never done anything else to it. It will literally put 5 in a quarter @100yds, consistently, even when I rapid fired (As fast as I could work the...
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    Peterson 280ai brass

    Winchester isn't "good enough"? :)
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    2020 slob

    That is one beautiful bruin! Congrats!
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    30-06 loads for elk

    I hunt with the 168 Gr Barnes as well, good load. I'd even go lower to the 150 TTSX if it shot as well in my rifle. I don't have restrictions here I just like that Barnes don't spread lead through the meat and generally stay in one piece.
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    Lonely Montana Spring Bear Season!

    All 14 day quarantine signs for out of state visitors are still up. I suppose you could call camping "quarantine"... but I don't think they have opened the seasons for OOS as 35W said.
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    What to do after spotting an animal?

    Start planning recipes in my head...

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