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    Rule of Thumb for Shooting Down Hill

    SWhooting up/down hill is both the same. What the needed piece of information is True Ballistic/Horizontal range (Many rangefinders will provide both). The issue is described in a triangle. The True range is the hypotenuse of the triangle, the true range (in which your bullet is going to...
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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    Understand that, just trying to see if one is more optimum than the other wrt accuracy, energy retention, case life, reloading type concerns
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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    thanks good advice, i have several 300 wins and i love that caliber, just looking for a bit more extended range punch. thanks again
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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    rifle barrel is from blank bartlien. can be either. interested in pros/cons of both. will also reload im guessing for this rifle, unless it ends up shooting something factory ...
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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    Gentlemen im going to have one of my remington 700 actions currently chanbere in .300 win mag rebarreled into a big 30. Trying to decide between the 300 PRC and the 30 Nosler. Im leaning toward the PRC, please give me you opinions on this matter particularly from any of you gentlemen that have...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Dnz gamereaper mount/rings 20 moa rem 700 sa rh

    do you still have the dnz base available?