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    6.5 Grendel won’t close bolt when feeding a round

    When you have the bolt locked back and press the bolt release it should slam into full lock. You can not let go slowly and expect it to lock up on a new rig. When it slammed closed but not locked up... is it tight to open by hand or do you have to force it or slam it down on butstock? If so...
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    Here's Your Sign

    Uh...sir, uh I think...uh, that the workers...uh are entitled to...uh the minimum wage of ...uh under the circumstances of uh... giving everyone the opportunity of...uh re-evaluating...uh the situation... uh, when we circle back and...uh we inherited this from...uh, the previous administration...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bergara HMR stock and bottom metal SA

    Which Bergara stock?
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    Want To Buy 280 Ackley Full Length Die

    Guy on here is selling a Hornady Match 280 AI for 75 shipped.
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    Want To Buy Hornady .264 / 6.5mm 140 Grain SST (Super Shock Tip) (100 ct.)

    Just checked my bullets. I only have 7mm 162 SST. I thought I had some 6.5 140 SST but only Nosler Ballistic Tip. Sorry. I thought I still had em.
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    Caliber Help

    Really?... I'm all ears!!...Please tell us about this one!!
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    Yes CBH. If you have a custom 260 chambered with a longer freebore to set it up like the Creedmoor is to get it out of the neck/shoulder junction it'll really shine with more velo and will handle longer heavier bullets. That's where it'll really shine!... and say goodbye to the Creedmoor! Sorry...
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    No other reason except I’m a 7mm fan. The 260 is a wonderful deer cartridge and I’ll grab it if not using a 7mm. We now use 280 AI and 284 Win in long action with heavier bullets.
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    My son and I each have a hunting rifle in 260 that have accounted for many whitetail. We also have one each in 6.5 Creedmoor. Oddly...Neither one of the Creedmoors get hunted or shot other than checking zero every year. I do shoot a bench rifle in Creedmoor for long range steel. I don't have a...
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    Wow... tough hand you were dealt there! Hope he's good on his word for your refund. If he doesn't have that kind of money, he should wander why? That kind of work and attitude can quickly ruin a smith's rifle building reputation.
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    Yeah. I saw PTG has the rougher. I do want a no-turn neck. I would certainly want to go up to 180 grain with a little room to fit the longer bullets. I may end up giving them a call to see what their specs are on what's available.
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    Not sure yet... Are any available? If not I may have to order a custom one.
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    That is definitely a hunting capable group! I will be working on a 30-284 before long if I can find a reamer. That's definitely a brown pounder with a 180 @ 2850+FPS!
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    TRADE Nosler Ballistic Tips 7mm 160 gr. For 140 gr BT’s

    I meant what do you have ... not why. Sorry
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    TRADE Nosler Ballistic Tips 7mm 160 gr. For 140 gr BT’s

    Ok. Why do you have in BT and Accu-bond?