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    Which 300 Norma Mag Twist????

    9 twist works great in my 300 Norma Mag and 300 Norma Mag Imp. I shoot Berger 230s.
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    300 PRC Builds

    Beautiful rifle and great build Ryan! I can see you still know how to squeeze the trigger!!! Ryan's rifles are worth every penny!!!
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    2022 Winter Nilgai Hunt

    I went on a night time Nilgai hunt in south Texas in 2018 and we took 2 nice bulls at night with my 300 win mag. I mounted my FLIR thermo scope and used 180 Barnes TTSX bullets and one and done on both animals. The first one was 100 yards and the second on a little over 150 yards. Neither animal...
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    Congrats on the sale...great looking rifle!
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    Torn between 6.5 prc vs 6.5 saum

    I have both cartridges. I have a light weight stalking rifle in a 6.5 PRC and a heavy PRS weight rifle in a 6.5 SAUM. They are both great cartridges. I would give the 6.5 SAUM a slight edge on performance and the 6.5 PRC an edge on factory ammo. Both rounds were very easy to tune and they...
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    Tack Driving Piercision Rifles, 30-28 Nosler, Kelbly Atlas L.A., Proof, Manners EH1 Elite

    This rifle, NXS, dies, and brass are Sold Pending Funds. All PM's have been answered. Thanks for your interest and inquiries.
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    Tack Driving Piercision Rifles, 30-28 Nosler, Kelbly Atlas L.A., Proof, Manners EH1 Elite

    Yes I am. Manner's has the right hand light weight cheek pieces available. Precision Rifles might have and extra right hand one around as well. Or, you can remove the light weight cheek piece and use a wrap around comb. I used the wrap around comb before I had Ryan install the light weight...
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    Tack Driving Piercision Rifles, 30-28 Nosler, Kelbly Atlas L.A., Proof, Manners EH1 Elite

    I am selling my tack driving Piercision Rifles, 30-28 Nosler with a 26" Proof 9" twist barrel, Kelbly Atlas LA, Manner's EH1 Elite in Swamp Camo, Bix'n Andy Tacsport Pro 2 stage trigger, Piercision titanium 5 port muscle brake, and Atlas bipod and Arca rail. The action has less than 700 rounds...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    17 HMR 6 GT 7 SAUM 300 Win Mag 300 Norma Mag Improved
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    Successful Nanny Ibex - 680 yards

    Congrats! Looks like an exciting, challenging, and rewarding hunt!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    I just sent you a PM.
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    How many are your looking for? I think I have some Norma and Nosler. Do you have a preference?
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    Cooper Rifles and Max Loads

    I have owed many Cooper Rifles and I have never had a problem with achieving max velocity and accuracy. I would call Cooper’s customer service. They have always been very helpful.
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    Christmas coyote 195 Berger

    Great job and great story!!!
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    Build vs buy

    I used to be more buy vs build until I had my first one built. Now I am way more build vs buy. Many of the custom build shops like Piercision Rifles and R Bros Rifles have ready to buy rifles. They build them in the most popular cartridges and stock setups.