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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

    lightbulb "Enter Me In The Berger Bullets Contest" lightbulb
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    Switch barrel rifle question, long action .223 Savage?

    I want to set up my Savage 112 BVSS Rem 7 mag to shoot .233 Rem. I know, I know, but I'm poor or ah, frugal. Anyway, I have a newer Accutrigger center feed type bolt and the .223 bolt face from the short action is not supposed to fit. That is kinda a show stopper for the cheap shooting plan...
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    Help me decide Weatherby/Savage?

    CRNA, I had a Weatherby Vanguard. Don't buy one to "fix up" as the action is "Okay" but nothing special. Mine showed clear indications of greater wear on one bolt lug than the other. It shot that way too. Heavier loads with bigger bullets didn't shoot well. It was a 30.06 that I tried all kinds...
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    My choice of a new Savage, help me decide??

    I have an 11 FCNS 270 WSM that likes Noslers and RL22. BUT I also have a 7 mm Rem Mag in a 12 BVSS. I like the 7 mag better because the recoil impulse is slower... The 270 is casually accurate however. I mean to say that whatever I shoot in it. it is about 1 MOA. The 7 Mag likes you to try a few...
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    Remington CDL SF 260 Rem

    BOB, When I am looking for info like you are asking for I go to Midway and look at Berger bullet specs for twist. The 130s are 1-9 and the 140s are 1-8. Speed makes a difference of course but 140 is probably not the best weight for that twist. Barrel Twist Calculator Go to that site and play...
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    Best aftermarket stock for Savage?

    I put my 2 cents in on the barrel swap question you asked so I might as well get in in on the stock thing too! IMO, the Accutrigger on the Savages really gets in the way of a good bedding job on the rear pillar. My BVSS stock had part of the factory rear pillar cut off (actually about 1/2 the...
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    Savage / Shilen questions

    I have a 112 BVSS in 7 mm rem mag ( 26" fluted heavy barrelgun)) and a 11 FCNS in 270. I would go with the laminate stock if you can find it! The stock on the 11 FCNS flexes so much in the fore arm that it is not really a good sand bag gun. My 112 BVSS is pretty rare I guess, they don't sell the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Custom 3006

    DOCS GUN SHOP-Carrollton,TX, Accurate Custom Rifles,Gunsmith Carrollton, TX just north of Dallas He has just what you are looking for. I would call him as his prices are reasonable. He does trued up Rem 700 very well and uses Krieger barrels. I just happened to be looking in his rack last week...