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    SOLD/EXPIRED -- SEEKINS PRECISION 30mm, .97" High, 4 Cap Screw Picatinny Rings

    Rings are SPF to ChiefO..... Thank you! Payment received, rings are SOLD...Thank you Bryan!
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    Savage muzzleloader

    This is not mine, but I can vouch for the seller hillbill... He is a stand-up guy and you can take everything he says about muzzleloading to the bank...
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    Wheeler FAT wrench digital or analog????

    Had my Analog since they first came out and as OD said, just make sure you let the pressure off.
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    Any western state offer otc deer tags?

    Offers OTC deer tags...
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    WTT/WTB Thompson Center Prohunter TH Buttstock (Black)

    I have a T/C Prohunter Non-Thumbhole Buttstock and would like to trade for a Prohunter Thumbhole Buttstock in black. It is in great condition and the Sims Recoil Pad is in perfect condition. OR, if someone has the Prohunter Thumbhole Buttstock in black they would like to sell outright, I can do...