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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    I used the word in a legal way. That is an explanation rather than "I'm sorry."
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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    Sure appears you just won that one.
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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    Are you a democrat? Sure looks like it. By the way I have brakes on everything. I gave my suppressor to my son-in-law.
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    There is: \ Jack Kiester (540) 867-0488
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    You discredit yourself bringing up "ethical shot". Why bring up adding a pound of weight when the whole objective is to hunt with a light rifle?
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    Very few! I used to carry my 115 pound wife on my shoulders when she got tired while hiking. That way we could keep on going. My rifle weighed eleven pounds. I am no longer a man at 77 years old. My rifle now weighs seven pounds and there is no way I could carry 150 pound wife up a hill.
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    Once I ordered a Christensen carbon wrap 26" in 6.5mm and a Pac-Nor stainless 26" to match the Weatherby six lug ultralight contour in 6.5 and had it fluted by Twisted Barrel. Before threading and chambering both weighed forty ounces. Twisted barrel fluting reduced the weight by seven ounces...
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    My Experiences with hammer bullets on game

    I made a list the other day. I think it was eleven. Nine dropped at the shot.
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    Carbon or Steel?

    When I group my hunting barrel I do it like hunting. Fire one and let the barrel cool. I use a thermometer to check temperature. Varment barrel is grouped much faster.
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    7mm weatherby

    Cheaper to re-barrel and chamber to the 7.
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    Carbon Wrapped Barrels

    You could send that barrel to twisted barrel and have it fluted. They took seven ounces from my ultralight. Could take more more from a heavier one. Cost is under $200.
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    I guess I made a bad decision using a local company to put rifle parts together I have two single shots now

    There's a good one in North Bend who is 2 3/4 hours from Grants Pass. Bummer I lost my phone so I don't have the contact information.
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    Leupold DD rings & bases (installation)

    6-48 screws look too small. Does that help?
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    New Mono Bullet

    I can't thank Steve and Brian enough. Since they sold me the first box I have shot nothing else. In Oregon we are lucky when we get a doe tag and a buck tag. So far their bullets account for eleven deer. Eight were drop at the shot. I used 6.5mm, .308, and 8mm.