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    IMR 4350 to H4350 in 30-06

    I tried R16 in my .270/129 LRX, and while it did its best accuracy around 54.3, it wasn't consistent. I then switched to H4350 and 55.3gr gave me "bugholes" for 4 shots! Just a rifle thing I suppose. 60.5 of H4831sc also did swell. I will try R16 with my 30-06 and see what it does. R22 did fine...
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    300win mag powder data

    I found 73gr R23/175 LRX works in my Bergara B14 Hunter 300WM. I have it "sorta set up" for long range, 3" high at 100 with 4.5x14 Burris. Its heavy enough to hold still in the prairie wind, but light enough to pack in the mountains. Its also one I would use when the weather is too gnarly for my...
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    IMR 4350 to H4350 in 30-06

    I've used alot of IMR 4350, I grew up in East, Texas, and overall, I never saw any change in my zero from hot to cold. However, when I moved to Utah I went to the Extreme Powders years ago. However, I still use many older/newer powders too and IF ( a big if) my rifle changes zero from any temp...
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    zeroing in on my 300WM hunting load

    I found 73gr R23/175 LRX/RWS/Fed 215M gives me 3080fps from a 24" B14 Hunter. It does this into what I call a "bug hole"! These bullets like alot of jump too. I also use a LEE Factory Crimp die. Good luck to you Pard!
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    Experienced elk hunters

    Some of the best practice I have done, and can heartily recommend is to use a similar style .22 (either LR or 22 Mag) scoped, zeroed like your BG rifle, must have a good trigger though.( It doesn;t have to be heavy, just a bolt gun if your BG rifle is a bolt gun, etc) I use an old Marlin 783 22...
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    Experienced elk hunters

    I killed my first cow was from standing, off hand, running through an aspen flat at 135 steps. 2nd cow was from sitting, 200yds on the flat. 3rd was standing/supported, 250yds up a 70 deg ridge. I hate running shots, but can take them if I just have to. I carry hot. Any weapon on me, is carried...
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    Ammo start for Bergara Premier Mountain 2.0 Rifle 300 Win Mag

    I use 73gr R23 under a Barnes 175 LRX. RWS cases, Fed 215, crimped with FCD. Averages 3080fps. In a Bergara B14 Hunter. Only thing I changed was had it skim bedded and a Trigger Tech Special added. Handy rig!
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    Why is there not much talk about Weatherby Rifles?

    I really do not consider the Vanguard a "Weatherby", since it is a totally different action ( Howa). Great rifles and affordable, absolutely! I had a custom 338 RUM built on a Howa action once, I killed a 32 inch Aoudad with that thing! So, not dissing at all...:) My one and only pure WBY was...
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    Favorite elk rifle

    R17. another Canuck on the Board turned me on to his load (64gr) and how it worked for him ( from cold to over 80 deg) It is the berries! I am using 73gr/R23 in the WM. Both are lit by a Fed 215 M. I also crimp everything with a LEE FCD. :)
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    Favorite elk rifle

    Finally chronoed my 300 WSM/168 TTSX and the 300WM/175 LRX loads. 3167fps/168 TTSX and 3081/175 LRX. I'm jazzed! They repeated their accuracy too, which is even better! :)
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    Got the itch to build again.

    6mm Creed- yes, I think thats the way to go for a fast .224, finding 6mm Remington was easy when I had my fun with the 224 TTH. Of course, one could work with 257 rbts or 7x57 but its a hassle, not to mention dealing with "the donut", ha. Even a fast twist 22-250 AI worked swell for me with...
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    Intrigued by truly big 6mms - and their absence in the shooting world

    I've used many 6mms, from the .222 Rem Mag case necked up to the 6mm/284 & 240 Wby. For me, when I wanted "more", I used the 257 Wby. and 100 TSX. Good luck to you pard!
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    Got the itch to build again.

    Cliff- have you given any considerations to the .224 Texas Trophy Hunter and heavy bullets? I had a Kimber 84M originally in 7mm/08. I later had an 8 inch twist Lilja factory contour barrel made up in .224, my smith chambered and finished it. I also had a brake put on it to see "my bullet...
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    Virgin brass, or once fired!

    I "normally" use new, virgin brass for load workup. There has been a few times when my once fired brass did not reproduce the same results, but not often. What I like to do is, after I've found a repeatable, accurate load in virgin brass, I will load up 50 new cases and set these aside for...
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    300 win mag rifles

    I just bought a Bergara B14 Hunter. I had it skim bedded and a Trigger Tech Special trigger put in. 175LRX and R23 are scary accurate. I'm impressed, but I don't use the Prone stocks like LRH guys, so I imagine the most cost effective would be to step up to the HMR Wilderness? Good luck to you pard.

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