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    BUYER: muleystalker

    Great guy and prompt payment. He’s good to go. Thanks again
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    BUYER: Brent Harbaugh

    Great guy to do business with. Deal with confidence
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    Berger 190 LR 7mm

    Does anyone have any load data for the Berger 190 in a 7mm mag? Thanks
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    Berger 190 LR 7MM

    Does anyone have any load data for this bullet in a 7mm mag?
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    New Proof Research Barrel 7mm-284

    I have a new unchambered Proof sendero light 7mm {284} barrel blank It will finish at 26 inches and 1-8 twist. I was going to build but I bought one. Im traveling this week and don't have pictures until Friday ------675.00 SHIPPED---------------
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    WTT: Berger 168 & 180

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    WTT: Berger 168 & 180

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    WTT: Berger 168 & 180

    I have 2 unopened boxes of 7mm Berger 168 hunting and an unopened box and 3/4 of another box of Berger 180 hunting bullets. Both boxes of each are the same lot number. Looking to trade or sale these for Berger 180 hybrid in 7mm Berger 168--70.00 shipped Berger 180-70.00 shipped Thanks
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    7mm bullets

    I can do this. Send me a pm with the details on how you want to do this
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    Custom Remington 700 300 RUM

    My scales are out of order. I’ll try and get it weighed tomorrow.
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    Custom Remington 700 300 RUM

    Remington 700 300 rum trued and square action with #4 Bartlein Barrel 27 inch plus muzzle break. It has a 1-9 twist. The trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite. HS Precision Sporter stock. The stock is bedded. It has only been shot 35 times and no load developement. I was shooting Berger 230 OTM less...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Lapua 300 Norma mag brass

    I have 1 box of 100 Lapua 300 Norma mag brass. Box was opened just to look at them ——-180.00 Shipped——
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    Berger 6.5 135 Elite

    I have 6 unopened boxes same lot number of Berger 6.5 135 Elite. ———-200.00—-Shipped
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    Custom 6.5 SAUM

    Need to make room ———-1400.00 SHIPPED——-
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    Custom 6.5 SAUM

    My cheep bathroom scales read 10lbs with scope. The only trades I can think of is Norma 300 rum brass or Berger 230 or 215 Bullets Swarovski z5--3.5-18 or 5-25 or z6 or something similar