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    Extractor Marks?

    I would agree with Stammster. I have a couple hunting rifles I shoot at similar pressure but like the speed and accuracy. Not a concern for me.
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    Best case lube?

    Old Rooster's got it. Been there done that!
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    Montana bighorn

    Well Done, 30 years was worth the effort and weight!!! Congrats
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding 6.5 GAP 4S / 6.5 SAUM die

    I have for sale new never used Redding Full Size Bushing die 6.5 GAP 4S / 6.5 SAUM # 77845 No bushing included $90.00 shipped. Listed other sites as well. Thanks for looking. Rick
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    Rifles Inc Rem 700 300 RUM

    This is really a nice rifle for the money, I've had three of Lex's rifles and he's a great smith and builds a nice light weight hunting rifle. Someone needs to jump on this. GLWS
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    Hunting Rifle: Anyone Else Have No Desire for a Silencer?

    Yup, Suppressors are a challenge and expensive but I do enjoy shooting with them on some of my rifles and especially custom pistols. I'm in the camp of no can on my hunting rifle due to all the obvious reasons mentioned but I do see more and more guys modifying all their rifles for cans. I'm...
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    Best brass tumbler?

    I use a Harbor Freight tumbler, give me option to clean two different groups of brass. Pretty good system for $49 when i bought it.
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    Questions on a Mule Shed

    Truth is score is really not relevant, If you like the trophy thats all that counts. I've been blessed and have several B&C bucks on the wall and everyone that see's them thinks they are far larger than they are. Attached is a nice buck my son took a while back. The buck is 33" wide and with...
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    7MM Rem Mag vs 6.5 CM at 600 yards on cow elk

    As The Oregonian pointed out the issue is ENERGY, at 600 yds the energy is not sufficient for a good kill based on the information provided. Energy is the key at long distance, along with shot placement.
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    7mm WSM Seems to becoming obsolete ?

    Interesting how three years after this thread was started things have changed. I've really come to love my Jon Beanland 7 WSM. I picked up Bertram brass and have been very pleased with it's performance, it seems to be readily available. As was mentioned Federal Fusion ammo is very accurate...
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    2021 Coues

    GREAT coues, Congratulations on a real trophy. Coues like that are hard to come by.
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    7mm wsm brass

    Sent a PM
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    257 Weatherby Ammo

    Sold pending funds
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    300 Weatherby Ammo

    Sold pending funds
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    300 Weatherby Ammo

    How about $105 for both the 300WBY and the 257's ?