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    Day 6 Evo X broadheads (pics added)

    One Broadhead is a slightly messed up.
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    Day 6 Evo X broadheads (pics added)

    I have 6 day 6 exo x broadheads 150 grain with the carrying case. All are in good condition. Only ever shot targets with them. Never seen an animal. Going a different route this year. Asking $150 obo (i know this is worthless without pictures. I will be uploading pictures this evening once I...
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    Kifaru nomad

    Kifaru nomad gen 1 in multi cam in good condition. Asking $180 obo
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    35 mm MDT elite scope rings

    They were a little to tall. I bought them when I had a 5-25x56. I sold that and bought a 3.6-16x44 and with the 44 objective there were a little to tall.
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    35 mm MDT elite scope rings

    Brand new scope rings, bought them, mounted them once took them off immediately. 35 mm medium height. $175 shipped. Paid $205
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    Tikka T3X Stainless 7MM Rem Mag

    Pm sent
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    Oregon Pack Specialties

    It’s the kodiak
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    Oregon Pack Specialties

    Here is a link to the pack and frame
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    Oregon Pack Specialties

    Great pack, very light use. Upgraded so I don’t need this one anymore. $225
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    Check your FFL!! CV-19 /FFL issues

    I have a FFL in Oregon and as of now we are still able to be open.
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    Vortex Viper HDs 10x42s

    Vortex Viper HDs 10x42s brand new in box. Looking to get 375 obo. (No I didn’t get them for Christmas)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge

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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge

    Lowered price 2200.00

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