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    Want To Buy Smith & Wesson 460XVR 460 S&W 8.38"

    I‘m looking for one of these in nicely used condition. I’m open to new if the price is right. Thank you, Rob
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    7mm 140gr Bullets WTB

    Hello, I’m looking for 100+ .284 diameter, 140gr bullets. Sierra Match King or Hornady preferred. Thank you, Rob
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts pistol brass

    I’ll take the 44 mag. Please DM how you would like payment.
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    300 Win Mag Match Ammo

    Hello, I am looking for 300 Win Mag match ammo. I'd prefer something from Federal or Black Hills in 190gr. Please PM me if you have some or know where I can get any quantity. Thanks, Rob