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    SELLER: teesquare

    Buying online from someone who I don’t know and sending money with no way to refund is risky. So I was concerned. But speaking with teesquare I realized he was honest about the deal. Yeah it may be worded odd but I was apprehensive. Great deal though.
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    SELLER: teesquare

    I was a little apprehensive at first but he made me feel comfortable and he seemed honest and forthcoming. Nice transaction. Great communication followed up right through delivery. shipped fast but UPS dragged their feet. Would buy from again
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    How do you drag game out?

    4 wheel drive truck or tractor
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    Salt Bath Annealing

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing
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    Deciding tween 30-06 and 7mm Rem mag!

    Have you compared ammo prices? How much do you shoot? I have a 30.06 and one of the reasons for going that route was the price and availability of ammo and components. I recently picked up 500 pieces of once fired brass real cheap and clean. If you do a lot of shooting it will get...
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    Live, from NY...its Rayzor101

    Hi yall. I was looking for 338 Federal info and I came across this site. I have a Ruger American 30.06 that is my favorite rifle. I dont have a lot of different guns but I am very proficient with what I do have. Other than that I go to my 44 mag or 50 cal side-lock muzzle loader and Mathews...

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