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    One Gun Hunters

    👍 late season archery elk hunting is a supreme challenge in SW Idaho. With the mulie rut in late November, ones success rate goes way up.
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    .308 or .338 Caliber Elk and Up Cartridge

    To reach out farther, I built a 300 PRC to add to my faithful and 99% effective 7mm Rem magnum. Because of a shoulder surgery, I have not shot it. However, I’ve seen great results on long shots (800+ yds) on elk via friends.
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    Very sorry to hear of your shoulder injury. It never hurts to get a second medical opinion. If surgery is recommended, look forward a highly regarded shoulder surgeon. If surgery isn’t required and physical therapy required, be diligent. In March of 2020, I had extensive shoulder surgery and...
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    One Gun Hunters

    #1 I’ve never had a bad tasting elk, but Mule deer 🤢 no mas #2 IMO, elk hunting is greater challenge.
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    What should I build in 270 cal ?

    With HP your #1 priority and your 27 Nosler love, go for it. If you have second thoughts, consider a 6.8 Western or adding a 7saum to the mix.
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    Cold weather socks.... any new must haves?

    Not “new,” but I go with a wicking sock with stretch. Fox River or Wigwam CoolMax socks are affordable. A few years ago I bought a package of Injini Toe Socks that had a liner, a support sock, etc. I like them as the individual toes help with the cold or the heat. Merino wool socks are just part...
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    Building A Do All Factory Ammo Rifle

    Sure, when I get it back after Cerakoting+
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    Building A Do All Factory Ammo Rifle

    After shooting a Remington 700 BDL 7mm mag for over 30 years, I built a lighter 7mm mag with a carbon fiber AG Composites stock, a 24” Bartlein gain twist ( 1:9.1” to 1:8.7” ), Defiance Ruckus action, Hawkins Precision BDL bottom metal and a Trigger Tech Special trigger. This rifle handles like...
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    How many layers of merino wool?

    I love merino wool that is light to mid weight and also use Keen’s fitted merino wool socks - mid or heavy weight depending on the weather. I start with a UA shirtsleeve oversized compression shirt then my long sleeve merino wool zip up mock or t-neck shirt. LLB’s wind stopper fleece vest and...
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    Montana x-bows illegal

    The mules getting shot for cow elk or cow moose is a longtime fable. It’s in the same fables’ group of the hunters who survived freezing to death by killing their horses and then climbing in side them, but were trapped when their horses froze. 😂
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    A Cool New E-Bike for Hunting

    The Nikola Zero weighs in at 5,250 lbs and takes 15 hours to charge via 240-volt system. 590HP, 775ft/lbs, 150-mile range and has four motors (one per wheel). Prices start at $80,000 but Nikola suspended its power sports division in February. Polaris is coming out with a SxS two-seat...
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    Montana x-bows illegal

    Come on Ledd. What is with your hostility? It is sadly apparent that you do not understand the impact of a disability. Consider apologizing. LRH members should be supportive. If you disagree with someone’s post, think first and then reply tactfully. There is already enough hate in this world
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    Fast Twist 270 Win vs. 6.8 Western

    Are messin? “The following members could not be found: Mudrunner. “Muddyboots” is this OPer. What’s the story behind your avatar picture? You currently or you in your youth or ??? 😹 Anyway, I do like your contributions via based on facts (98.8765% anyway) 🥤
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    Fast Twist 270 Win vs. 6.8 Western

    I’m following up to your “Average” rating of feenix’s posts. Hence, of members & theirs posts, who did you think are in the “Top Ten” best contributors? I’d like to see how many are on my list and how many I can add. Thx
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    Fast Twist 270 Win vs. 6.8 Western

    Who’s in your Hall? (you can’t vote for yourself 🤣)