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    Sightron Riflescopes

    I have several of the 4-20x STacs and they’ve been great. I have a lot of rifles and cannot afford to put high end optics on everyone of them. These are great value for working rifles. You won’t cry if you scratch them and they have great glass for the money. I’m a big SIII fan too for my nicer...
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    Trades? 210gr and 250gr Nosler Partitions

    I have 4 full boxes of 210gr Nosler Partitions and 1 full box of 250gr Partitions that I no longer need. I’d like to trade for like valued items . I’m interested in the following: 6mm bullets, 25 cal bullets, Barrels, (22, 243, 6.5mm), Primers (sm rifle, large rifle), Powder, Savage actions...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm Ackley Improved Components

    I’ll take them if they’re free. Or is there a price you want to put on them?
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    110 Stockade Savage Stock Thumbhole

    Sold pending funds to Den.
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    110 Stockade Savage Stock Thumbhole

    I just measured it at 13 1/2”. That’s from trigger to end of buttpad. That’s also what I measured several of my other factory Savage stocks at.
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    110 Stockade Savage Stock Thumbhole

    FS: Stockade brand Thumbhole Stock for a 110,111,112,114,116 Savage long action. Fits staggered feed blind mag rifles. It currently has a sporter weight barrel channel but can easily be opened up larger. I bought it used for a build that changed direction. It’s got a couple scratches and rubs...
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    Custom Tikka T3 Left and Right Bolt Handles

    Right hand models are all sold. Can only make you one if you send in your handle to thread and craft knob. Leftys are still available.
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    Custom Tikka T3 Left and Right Bolt Handles

    Price drop, let’s go $60 shipped.
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    Custom Tikka T3 Left and Right Bolt Handles

    Near as I can tell(scale is a cheap one) they are .6 oz heavier than factory. Factory weighed 1.8oz; my weigh 2.4oz. I have made these same bolt handles with an aluminum knob end before and can do again if weight is an issue.
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    Custom Tikka T3 Left and Right Bolt Handles

    I have a couple of these Tikka T3 and CTR handles for sale. Currently 2 Left hand and 3 Right hand available. These are factory fitting Tikka bolt handles that go right in place of your original one. Made with all stainless material. Pictured is a bead blasted Left Hand bolt handle and a...
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    NIB Leupold 6.5-20VX3i FRONT FOCAL LRP Scope

    Sold pending funds to Sav86.