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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell YP 1000

    Yardage pro 1000 in good condition. Good starter unit. Works in any condition up to 700 yards and well over that at dusk. $275 shipped [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swift Big Eyes-Price Reduced

    Ok, fellas the price is right now. Anyone need a great set of long range spotters???
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swift Big Eyes-Price Reduced

    Swift 60mm tubes in an aluminum bracket. Black anodized with carrying handle and full adjustment. 22x wide angle lens by Swift. Amazingly clear and bright. $850 in new condition Includes hard carrying case. This is one of the units put together by Jerry Phillips. [email protected] [...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 6-18 -SOLD

    leupold vari-x 2, 6-18 with target knobs and fine duplex. Nice reticle for LR hunting. Has extremely repeatable clicks. Bought new about 2 years ago. Like new condition. Matte black finish. $350 [email protected] [ 01-08-2003: Message edited by: PrimeTime ]
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    gone [ 01-03-2003: Message edited by: PrimeTime ]
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    Problems with the 6.5 140 and 142's on critters

    Re: Problems with the 6.5 140 and 142\'s on critters Never tried them on deer but used them on woodchucks from my 6.5-284 and it pinholed them every time. No expansion at all.
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    Is there any benefit to the WSM over regular belted mags?

    It depends on your needs. I don't own 30 calibers but do know this. From a pure accuracy standpoint, there is an advantage in a shorter case. It has been proven over the past 50 years of bench rest shooting. Certainly long cases can be very accurate and win matches. No one will argue that...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 280 Improved

    Remington 721 action, completely blue printed with Sako extractor and surface ground recoil lug. Krieger chromoly barrel, 25" long by .800 at muzzle with straight taper. All metal is matte blue. Twist is 1 in 9. Factory trigger smoothed and lowered to 2 pounds. Laminated varmint style stock...
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    6.5-300 RSUM

    There have been many versions of the rem and win short mags necked to 6.5 and it has been going on for a year now. There are usually reamers ready before the brass is even available.
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    20X Binocs: Alternative to BigEyes?

    I used my 12 power Nikon bino's for a year and a half (excellent glasses) and realized they just weren't enough for the type of long range bench shooting that I was engaged in. I looked at most of the high power bino's and couldn't find any that met my needs. Finally, I bit the bullet and...
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    Here's the spot I hunted from this year...

    Re: Here\'s the spot I hunted from this year... Hey Boyd, looks like you found a nice spot. The trouble with PA is that the woods are often too thick to shoot into. Those pics from out west sure look nice. I've been doing quite a bit of spot scouting myself and found have found plenty of...
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    Pushing a .338 as fast as possible

    A bit off the subject but was wondering what the advantage would be of necking down the 408 to 338. Why not just leave it a straight 408. Ballistically it appears the superior round over a 338. I suppose the choice of a factory 300 grain 338 bullet is nice but the 400+ grain 408 bullet that...
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    Need some input form the members for a new project....

    I shoot Bob's bullets and can't say enough about them. Superb accuracy and very forgiving. As was mentioned, they do have a thick jacket, very similar to the MK's and Bob told me people are shooting big game with them.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 25-280 Improved-Gone

    Ruger action, Hart SS barrel in heavy sporter contour, 10 twist, 26" long. Ruger factory stock in mint condition. Built by Howard Wolfe. Shoots very well and can easily achieve 3,200 fps with 120 grain bullets. Headspaced on original 280 case shoulder so fireforming is very simple. Redding...
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    Leica Binocs, 8, 10, or 12x50 BNs

    I use Nikon 12 x 50 Action series. These cost around $115 and are very good glasses. In fact, for the price, I'd say they are the best out there. I've had guys say there $500 Steiners were clearer but in a side by side comparison, there was no difference. Check them out before making your...