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    Black shank or stainless on PROOF carbon fiber barrels?

    I did a charcoal Grey, matches the carbon barrel real nice. I would do black if that’s your only choice, I personally don’t like stainless
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    Paying for load Development

    Just figure what custom ammo makers charge per box and you will have a price per round. So if a box is of 20 is $50 that's 2.50 a round. There is a start what ever that number is. Or figure price of components, and add a 100% mark up for your time and work. So per $100 of components = a $200...
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    How many rounds do you have in your pack?

    Magazine loaded (3-5) and about 5 more rds. in the bino case. 50+ rds in the truck/camp. If i'm in a place where i might shoot a bunch of coyotes or packed in wilderness I will take about 20 rds in my pack. 97% a time its one shot, but I must admit I've emptied a magazine before.
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    7 wsm in S/A?

    IMO as long as you have a good bullet with descent BC it doesn’t matter. If it is a .6 or .7 you still have to get your wind call right at long distance. Don’t get caught up into dissecting the numbers. Get your load,run the numbers on it so you have enough FPS for your bullet to operate at...
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    Rifle carry weight for walking a few miles?

    The ideal weight is going to be 9-10 lbs for most. the lighter you go the harder it is to make a 800 yd shot in hunting terrain and conditions. The guns seem to settle nice at that weight. Ideal shooting weight is going to be around 12+ I personally have lighter guns for the days I know I’m...
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    7 wsm in S/A?

    If you can seat out to 3.2 ish you stand to gain a little over the SAUM. If your under 3 you probably won’t gain much. 7 SAUM is a better designed case , it stands to have better barrel life with the longer neck( all things being equal). To real get the advantage of the heavy bullets in a...
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    7-300 wins the 1100 yard match!

    Nice shooting. A 284 win pretty good choice for these type shoots. Shoot same bullet a little slower
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    200gr ELDX, 180gr AB 30cal?

    Neither will expand, AB will pen hole worse than EDLX since they are tuffer construction. Don’t expect a bullet to perform outside of its intended parameters. I would not shoot at a distance that my bullet wouldn’t expand at.
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    It's a whiskey tasting kinda of night ...

    Cheers all it hump day!!
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    Chasing the lands.

    I get what he is saying, but using his method he is finding out where the lans are he just isn't measuring it. In order to get to his "safe" place -.020 and not a jammed place you have to know where the jammed place is. I use a Sinclair knuckle compariter with their there measuring tool to...
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    300 PRC hunting build

    My take on it is the PRC is a niche cartridge, It was designed slightly different than other .30 cals that it allows you to shoot big heavy bullets relatively fast in a factory chamber. It is one of the smarter designed cartridges of today. When you take away speed, it turns into something...
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    300 PRC hunting build

    I do not own one. IMO to run a big magnum that is specifically designed for long range shooting/hunting like the 300 PRC in a short barrel isn't worth it. For 24 in or shorter barrels I would stick with a short mag. Like I said just my opinion
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    300 PRC hunting build

    Anything under 24” would not make sense for that round. I wouldn’t do less than 26in. If you want short I would suggest another cartridge
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    7mm wsm load recommendations

    All 3 of those bullet’s are winners. 160 AB might give you best results in a short action with your twist. It’s the shortest of the 3, might help with case space. I wouldn’t hesitate to use any of those, just shoot what your rifle likes best.
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    IMR 4350 to H4350 in 30-06

    Temp sensitive powders only have a noticeable accuracy problem when you shoot long distance. Your going to have to shoot 600yards and further before your get a meaningful and noticeable accuracy difference for hunting purposes. I can hold MOA at 30 F to 90F at 600 yards with R22 and IMR 4831...

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