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    6.5CM or .308 for Bull Elk

    What bullet weight, velocity, and range and what angle was the moose when you hit him? Did you hit or clip any bones? It may have come down to the individual animal with that individual bullet. I assume you killed that Moose?
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    6.5CM or .308 for Bull Elk

    People ask me what rifle should I bring out west for an Elk hunt? My answer is, what rifle do you use on game back home, Bring it, if you are use to shooting that rifle then you will not have to learn to flinch on a bigger rifle. .243? Bring it, .30-30? Bring it, .257Roberts? Bring it. Just...
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    6.5 creed with the 156 Berger load data

    Nice thing about the 156gr. EOL Berger's, you do not have to chase the lands, seat them where they feed through your mag and go to work. These are a Hybrid VLD so to chase lands at least in my rifles is a waste of bullets and powders, maybe your mileage will be different?
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    Sierra Game King

    A very accurate bullet, depending on your velocity they may fragment. Try a box!
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    vortex razor hd lht

    I am replacing my Vortex with an Arken SH4 6-24X50MM W/ a 34mm tube.
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    wolves or no wolves

    Maybe we westerners should trap these pretty wolves in a big humane trap and ship them to NYC, WASH D.C., LA, PHILY, CHICAGO, SAN FRAN, and all other super liberal states to see just how they like watching their dogs, cats, horses, and what have you get torn apart. Turn around is fair play!
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    wolves or no wolves

    The Wolf that was illegally injected into the Mountain West by the government should have never been brought to the lower 48, they were never here before and has decimated our Elk, and Moose populations along with other species. They should be completely wiped out and never be brought back to...
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    Coyote Caliber?

    .17 Remington is Big Medicine on Coyotes! Shoot a 25gr. Nagel T0000 and Varget sparked by a Remington 7 1/2 Primer, it makes for a great coyote rifle up close or out long ranger range!
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    In Search Of .270 Weatherby Dies and Brass

    If you have brass in good shape and a set of dies and want to part with them let me know. Thanks Guys!
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    30 Gr Nagel 17cal

    Ever heard of the .17 Predator? The Predator may be an idea with the improved shoulder angle?
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    Wolf caliber and round?

    It is nice to see the Ole .30-06 get some love!
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    IMR 7828 / 7 STW Question

    I have been loading and shooting the 7mm STW since the very early 1990's. IMR7828 has been my powder of choice. For me it has always given great velocities and accuracy with acceptable pressure (case expansion) limits. Originally I worked up and followed Layne Simpsons load data written up in...
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    257 Weatherby on Elk

    I live in Elk country, I have killed Elk, they are not hard to kill, can be but the idea is put the bullet into the lungs and heart with a good quality bullet and it is a done deal. Would you care to guess how many Elk, Mose, and Bear are killed cleanly each year with the .243 Winchester, .30-30...
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    30 Gr Nagel 17cal

    I have been shoot Chans 25g and 30gr NT000 Bullets out of my .17 Remington for quite some time. His bullets are great. With the 25gr bulllets I am getting 3950 -4025 fps, Accuracy is great. His 30gr Bullets in my rifle are superb, accuracy for 4 shots is way less than 1/4", I do not have my...
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    Are the .338s becoming pointless?

    Look at the SD numbers more than BC. I do not care how flat they fly if when the bullet gets there it can not penetrate. The .338's have good SD's. I do not own a .338 but am thinking of building a .338-06 A Square, I do not need a magnum .338, there is nothing where I live that I can not kill...