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    My sons latest Kansas bruiser

    Absolutely awesome!
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    Looking for load data to fire form 30-60 brass to 35 Whelen

    Does anyone have load data to fire form 30-06 brass to 35 Whelen? I've checked the forum and haven't found a load data posted. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Just got back from South Africa

    LOL! I went back and found the answer to my question: those are very interesting shooting sticks!
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    Just got back from South Africa

    What brand is the shooting sticks? Looks very stable.
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    I've done the same: !!!!
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    Seating depth discovery....and question

    I use the CBTO measurement for seating depth. The COAL can vary quite a bit.
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    Barrel broke in?

    I use a borescope. When it smooths out and stops holding copper between shots. And follow the brands break in process
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    This month marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of LRH.

    Len: you’re doing a great job 😎🥃🇺🇸
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    What Gun Powders are ACTUALLY manufactured in the United States ?

    Very interesting! So what does Roundup and Powder have in common? A: Food!
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    Copper fouling

    CLR: I agree!
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    Who shoots 140gr bullets out of a 280 Ackley?

    WOW! that's interesting! My friend has a 280AI he's working up loads for. He has a 27" Schneider P5, 9.0T barrel. Would you share any load data? That would be a big help.
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    Weird Ring

    I use LC brass in my 308 and after 10-12 resizings they look like the case on the right: about to separate. I can feel the crack with a dental pick.