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    Had to take a break from work

    Great shooting bench!
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    Bore scope

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    Bore scope

    sturner and Blackdirt Cowboy is this the model that you both are referring to?
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    Rifle sling

    Kifaru works pretty well once you get it adjusted right. For a cheap fix these clips actually work to keep a sling from sliding off your shoulder.
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    Leica HD-B 3000 Question

    I have a programmed card for a 28 Nosler in my binos. Are you choosing the 1-1 option in the ABC menu? This should give you MOA in a decimal point value. Don't forget to save your setting. I took my Leicas on a Utah elk hunt this fall and they gave me a MOA value that was pretty consistent with...
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    Leica HD-B 3000 Question

    Yes you can. This was one of the improvements over the prior 2200 model. The instructions to do this are on page 54 of your manual.
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    Nosler accubond

    I shoot 180 grain Accubonds out of a 300 WSM. Attached is a picture showing four different bullets recovered from four bull elk taken in four consecutive years. Distance of the shots ranged from 265-400 yards. All were one shot kills. Below each bullet is what they weighed after recovery. 60-70%...
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    CVA paramount

    Here's what I'm currently shooting through my gun. Powerbelt 280 grain ELR 105 grains by weight of Blackhorn 209 CCI No. 200 Large rifle primers This gave an average muzzle velocity of 2313 fps with an ES of 10 fps using a Labradar. Tried CCI No. 250 Magnum large rifle primers and the muzzle...
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    CVA paramount

    Thanks for the reply RBlevins. CCI is what I'm using too. I posted a short review on my Paramount back on August 26th on someone else's thread. I've been quite happy with my gun so far but I've not had any problems yet with any leaking around the breech so far. I had an elk hunt planned and the...
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    CVA paramount

    What size primer does your new ASG plug for your Paramount take? CVA recommends a large rifle primer for the loads they suggest and just wondered if Arrowhead stuck with that.
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    What songs go through your head while deer hunting?

    Pink Floyd. The Dark Side Of The Moon.
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    Elk meat smells extremely gamey

    A bull elk is a lot of meat to cool down which I'm sure you know. Had the meat cooled down any in the cooler or was it still warm when you were hanging it in your shop? What would you guess the overnight temperature got down to? I always trust my nose on the status of foods meat included. I've...
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    muzzle loading for Antelope

    My son and I each bought a Paramount and had two of the first production guns out. We had a problem right off the bat the with the guns but Camaran, the customer service rep at BPI Outdoors, was great in dealing with us. The issue we ran into was the primer would fail to fire on the first pull...
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    Bi pod suggestion

    I've gone to the ARCA rail on a tripod too. Just too many times a bipod wouldn't get me over the vegetation in front of me. Rock solid rest and with the right setup you can use it in just about any situation.
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    Hearing protection

    I agree with WeiserBucks. Kinda of expensive and a fairly long wait period but at what cost do you value your hearing. If that's not an option, I have several pair of the custom molded ear plugs. I've bought mine at trap shoots but I'm sure there is other places that these vendors show up at. No...

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