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    Sorta new here II

    Thanks, Yes it the best of my knowledge more than 1/2 of top bench (9/15) shooters in the schuetzen game (in the last 30 yrs) set there 50 shot bench record scores using a miller action (ASSRA records for that specific event). The Millers are highly sought after especially given...
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    Sorta new here II

    Been registered since 2017, but primarily lurk.........then i get to thinking about the deals I miss in the Anyways avid collector, hunter and not avid enough as I like to be shooter of any and all. Been in the schuetzen game for a bit and trying my hand at longer...
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    Sportsman's Warehouse to sell to BPS!

    Sad news indeed.
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    Shoulder mount or Euro mount?

    Up to you...but since your asking.....Euro mount, save the cash for that one item you wished you had on the hunt.