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    Raptor LRSS 338 Allen Xpress

    Thank for an awesome rifle Kirby and your talents and write ups on information are second to none!! I can say a little more here because my wife can see my Facebook posts! 🤣 but I can’t wait to get the rifle, I know I will be impressed and continue to have you build my rifles in the future!!
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    Remington model 742 .243

    Does anyone know a gunsmith that works on these older Remingtons and has spare parts. I need action parts a rear buttstock and the entire gun gone through. thanks Neil
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    Wyoming 8 points

    Please let me know if there are any great outfitters out there that don't cost an arm and a leg. From what I've seen most Wyoming outfitters hunt public ground, but the reason they could be more successful is because they are local and locate the top areas. I'll take any advice that anyone has...
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    Wyoming 8 points

    I just don’t know anything about Wyoming, I’ve just started research and my friend and I aren’t sure if we are going yet. But research is what I do. I’m from Nebraska and hunt antelope here my average I see and harvest is 73 inches. I really want a shot at a booner. What are Wyoming’s top units...
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    Wyoming 8 points

    Good afternoon everyone! I’m currently at 8 points going into next year, I just applied for PP. what areas do you recommend with 8 points for a rifle tag? I’m looking for Boone and Crockett antelope ( who isn’t ) !! Should I keep buying points or hunt? Any advice is appreciated, I do not know...
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    Pro hunter muzzleloader Loads

    Encore have you ever tried the 275 Gr. fury bullets?
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    Pro hunter muzzleloader Loads

    Thanks for the feedback ill try the bore shine, BH209, and the Barnes combination. I think I’ll switch primers as well. I take the *** Nikon BDC off and throw one of my night forces on and see how it goes, I hope to give a report in a couple weeks
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    Pro hunter muzzleloader Loads

    Im hearing conflicting things about the conversion breech plug switching from 209 to large rifle primer, what are the latest facts? I have an antelope hunt in September so I’m wanting to re think my current load which is 110 grains loose triple7 , 200 Gr dead center bullets with Winchester 209...
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    Do you hunt coyotes?

    Hell yes we hunt coyotes!!!
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    Finally got my 2016 pronghorn back from the taxidermist! PICS

    That is a great buck!! Congrats
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    ES and SD

    I’m still shooting RL22 Out of my 300 WM! Have you tried both? I’m getting an ES of 12 FPS out of 20 rounds with RL22
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    2017 whitetail

    Thank you, I’m glad to have joined, great bunch of guys here! Yes the meat was still good, I hit just above the spine through the back straps, the weather was cold so it never got infected, I did have to cut a little bit of the back straps and throw it away otherwise all meat was saved, I was...
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    2017 whitetail

    Only 200 yard shot! 2 weeks earlier I hit him with my bow, he jumped the string at 67 yrds. You can see my exit hole from the rage above the blood from the rifle hole. Netted 165 3/8
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    My 2017 WY antelope

    Very nice goat congrats
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    Check it out!! - My new LR Hunting Rig!

    Awesome looking smokepole, or are they no smoke poles nowadays? If you don’t mind me asking what was the price tag?