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    Ballistic plex scopes

    I'm using the new Leica ER 3.5-14 with the Leica Ball-Plex reticle. It tracks perfectly and is crystal clear! I bagged a buck antelope at over 650 yds. last season... It worked great! NJSl
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    BDC Reticals?

    I have used them for years, both custom and factory pre-set ones. They really work, with an accurate rifle, quality rangefinder, and BDC reticle you can do some accurate shooting. The real key is PRACTICE!!! Shooting 1 gal milk jugs at different ranges from field shooting position is the best...
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    Docter Sports Optics

    Not that fimillar with the scopes, but the company has a very bad reputation for customer service... Some of by buddies got burned by them... big charges for service and one NEVER got his 15x60 back! The US distributor quit Docter and thier was no record of him sending them in. Buyer Beware! NJS
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    Time for new Binos, Minox, Vortex Viper, Meopta, Nikon EDG, or???

    Do yourself a favor and save your money and buy a new or use Leica or Swaro... Then you won't be in the market for a another new pair in a year or two... Buy once, cry once. Plus you'll have the enjoyment of a true quality pair of binoculars for a lifetime. I bought my first Leica's over...
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    Sorry, but hard to think the review you posted was very objective when the author used sentences directly from the Swaro catalog or web page... "Monocular laser range finder with perfect image quality due to our patented binocular expertise. Unique technology for accurate measurement even in...
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    Front Focal Plane or Back Focal Plane Scope Reticle???

    FFP scopes were designed in Europe for low light and night time hunting... where higher magnification is used to magnify the available light, not shoot ultra-long ranges... that is the difference. A big bold reticle is great for shooting a wild boar in the moonlight at 100 yards or less at...
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    Spotting scopes

    Was your test conducted in daylight hours in ample sunlight? If so, try your test the last 15 minutes of daylight or the early in the morning... I bet you have a different opinion of the Leica spotting scope. Those low light conditions is where the difference is seen. On a deer hunt in Nevada...
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    Need Long Eye Relief... What scope???

    The new Leica scopes have 4" of eye-relief through out the power range. Lots of stgraight tube to assist in ease of mounting. Cameraland has some great prices and different reticle options. NJS
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    Recommendations for backpacking spotting scope

    The 60/65mm spotting scopes are super for backpack hunting... I'd look for a used or "demo" Leica/Zeiss or Swaro spotter... MHO... NJS
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    Spotting scope for LR BR

    The new Leica 82mm Televid is fantastic! Even the "bird people" rave about it on their forums... Another plus is a digital camera can be easily adapted and the images are super! I saw this set up at the WSF show in Reno. Really slick... just a bit pricy.
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    Budget range finder?

    Save yourself a lot of grief and frustration and buy a Leica CRF... A new 1600 yard model is coming out soon, so I bet quite a few used 1200 yard models will be for sale soon. I have been using one for years and it has NEVER let me down. Buy once... Cry once!!! NJS
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    My Leica LRF 1200 has always woked well for me... the new CRF is even better than my older unit. NJS
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    Spotting scope hard case

    Cabela's sell a "soft case" that is formed and molded for either straight or angled spotting scopes. Price isn't to bad either... For a hard case, the Pelican cases cannot be beaten. Pelican replaced at no charge a case I had used for 10 years... fantastic customer service! NJS
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    What Tripod?

    The Velbond Chaser or Sherpa is a good place to start without breaking the bank. Put a Jim White Panhead and your ready for business. NJS
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    Top end binoculars and eye glasses

    I wear glasses and eye relief is important to me also... the Leica Ultravid is very eye glass frendly... It also depends on your face and the style of glasses you wear. NJS