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    SOLD/EXPIRED SAKO TRG 22 .308 for sale..."Mint Condition"***Big Price Reduction***

    Re: SAKO TRG 22 .308 for sale..."Mint Condition" Is the brake easily removed, i.e. can it simply be unthreaded?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 8.5-25x50

    price reduction: $875 shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 8.5-25x50

    See it here: Leupold 66610 Photos by Nate1776 | Photobucket #66610, 8.5-25x50 with Varmint Reticle. LNIB. No ring marks. Alumina lens covers, sunshade, original box. $895 shipped in the lower 48 states. VX-3, LR Target, 30mm maintube, target knobs, side parallax, matte black -- for those...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale: (two) Leupold LR scopes

    hmm, I cannot figure out how to edit the original post. :-p The correct Leupold item number for the scope with the Varmint Hunter reticle is actually 66610.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale: (two) Leupold LR scopes

    Both are matte black, 30mm tubes, and except for barely perceptible ring marks (not scratches or gouges, just a slightly smoother appearance in the finish) they are like new in their original boxes. #66111, VX-3 Long Range 8.5-25x50, TMR reticle, target knobs, side parallax, and expensive...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED vintage 1,000y hunting rifle and Unertl scope for sale

    one of the original "1,000y hunting rifles" built by Tom Drummond of Williamsport, PA. Chambered in 7mm-.300Wby, and very low round count. Built in '75, and original owner passed away in '76. Rifle/scope unused since then. Sako L61R w/30" SS Douglas bbl (1:9" twist) and custom thumbhole...
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    forward cant base or not????

    That scope has 70+ MOA of internal elevation. With a flat base, the 100y zero will likely be a bit above halfway, which will leave the shooter something less than 35 MOA of elevation. That's barely enough to get to 1,000y at sea level shooting .308 loads w/SMK 175 going 2,700 fps at the muzzle...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 4.5-14 50mm for Sale

    BD, you might mention the reticle type, and the corresponding Leupold part #.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED burris black diamond 6-24 -50 sold

    I'd like to buy it. Please advise where to send a cashier's check (via email, with your phone number too so we can confirm the terms).
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    read this , it upset me

    "more likely to hit a hoof than a clean kill shot". Typical, not letting facts getting in the way of an emotional outburst. The kill area in a mature elk is (conservatively) about the size of a medium pizza pan, say about 14" diameter. Yielding about 167 square inches. The hooves are about the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Scopes - Best Prices

    Johnny, I would be pleased as punch to visit NY and buy a non-resident hunting license to go after whitetail... just as soon as that hillbilly witch no longer represents your state as a Senator. Like I should talk. California has Dianne Sweinstein and Baghdad Barbra Boxer. A pox on them...
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    best mid-range scope

    GCIII, if you bought a 'LR' 8.5-25 Leupold (w/30mm tube like all LR models), then that's a good one. If you bought the 1" tube version, then I suggest you consider why that scope is no longer in their product line. Not trying to afflict you with buyer's remorse (potentially), but way too many...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Scopes - Best Prices

    g/w, easy now. Johnny's got a few hundred posts on this board, so if he's unreliable or untrustworthy, I think the word would be out by now. [ 06-11-2004: Message edited by: Nate Haler ]
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    Angled versus Straight

    O/G, if you're gonna use the scope while position shooting (standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone), then you'll be able to use an angled scope much more comfortably than a straight scope while maintaining your position. Otherwise, the straight scope is very practical for field and bench...
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    What Scope?

    Unless you need low power for short-range hunting, then you should take a look at the Nikon Monarch 6.5-20x44 and the Burris Black Diamond 6-24.

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