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    Accurate 4350: Low Velocities

    had same result with a4350 in 6mm creed, used lee crimp die and picked up 32fps
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    HANZSBREW appears to be a scam
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    H 4350 small rifle primers

    pm sent
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    Impact of bayonet-style chronograph on group size

    chrono's are for load data, not group data. do groups and data apart from each other
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    4895 powder new to reloading

    i would recommend purchasing several new reloading manuals
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    Bad customer service?

    i assume a person is asking a gunsmith to build/do something because they cant do it themselves. That being said, find one you like/trust and live with the situation
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    Best bullet for .308 with 748 powder?

    ive had great results with 168 berger hunting vld, using 8208xbr
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    WTT 107 Sierra smk

    interested in purchase also
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    375 H&H load help

    mine likes 260 accubond, works on bear
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    Holland 700 Oversized Firing Pin?

    i use them, and turn to fit firing pin hole
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    Sierra 6.5 140 SGK for Sale or Trade

    what bullet number, pic shows different than SMK
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    pre 64 win. model 70 barrel 300h&h

    still needed
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    pre 64 win. model 70 barrel 300h&h

    need the 300 h&h but thanks
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    6.5 142 Sierra match kings

    bullets still available?