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    SOLD/EXPIRED Case of H1000

    You are way cool to not gouge on price and help fellow reloaders.
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    180 Grain Bullet 3400 FPS or better

    7 rum with a 28" tube and try ramshot LRT using adg brass might get you in the ballpark of 3400 with 180
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    180 Grain Bullet 3400 FPS or better

    300 rum Easily with a 28" I been there witha 26" but was plenty warm at 3420. 3350 is comfy in a 26"
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    Re-barrel dilemma

    Given the OP requirements of 22" bbl and factory ammo options, 7 saum or 6.5prc
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    IMR 4831 and new bullets

    There are other powders that may help accomplish your goals also. Possibly h4350 or imr 4350 could get you out of having a compressed load and run shorter oal..actually there are all kinds of scenarios available to you. Especially if you have components and dont mind reworking your load. Es...
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    Convert 7mm RUM to??

    Shooting a 7 rum isnt fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think its fun!👍👍👍
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    Load for 270 Weatherby Magnum

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    Load for 270 Weatherby Magnum

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    7 mm mag bullet for Elk

    Any load details? Sounds like a great load..
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    Montana Rifle 300 Win Mag

    Try 200 accubonds and ramshot magnum
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    Cooper vs Fierce?

    3.750 if im not mistaken
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    243 powder?

    I load rl 26 and 95 gr ballistic tip. 3150 fps with a fairly mild very accurate load. No real load development. It shot good out of the gate...24 inch barrel
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    270 weatherby magnum

    Imr 7828 for 130s. Work up for your rifle. I run 75.5 gr in wby brass, fed 215, 130 hornady interbond. Oal 3.350 3485 fps in pre64 mode 70 with 26inch barrel chambered with the standard weatherby freebore
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    Thinking of getting Weatherby Vanguard S2

    I have a couple and have had several. The two i have right now are more gun and operate and function much better than some rifles i have paid 3 times as much for. I just picked up a weatherguard in 300win. Ceracote, threaded barrel, and adjustable trigger, mag length much longer than the...