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    Women’s rifle and cartridge suggestion

    I’d buy Browning Micro Midas in 7mm-08. Change the spring or install a Timney if the trigger isn’t acceptable. I bought one in 6.5CM for my wife (5’1” tall) and she loves it. So do I for the lightweight. 12.5” LOP with 3 additional shim plates included (2 @ 1/4”, 1 @ 1/2”). I changed out the...
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    What would you do?

    Sounds like you really want two different rifles. 6CM makes tons of sense for the long range shooting and varmint to whitetail range. Also sounds like you love your 7-08 but don’t care to shoot the specific gun it is. I have Rem 700 Mountain Rifle DM in 280 Rem. It’s not fun to shoot. Perhaps...
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    Favorite deer rifle

    That’s a beautiful rig. Care to share more about it?
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    Barrel channel contour question

    Pretty sure Gen 1 mini chassis accepts flush mount mags (Curtis Custom for sure and most likely Hawkins). As has been suggested, call Manners CS and talk to them. Ask your questions and they will likely answer all before you hang up. I’ve talked to them for info only and didn’t order. They’re...
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    MidSouth has H4350
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    Why use a carbon wrapped barel?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask Bartlein, Proof, CarbonSIX, etc. to prove their claims if it matters? That is the only place you will find the proprietary information that could prove these claims to be true or false? (Disclaimer: I know companies will not divulge that information to anyone.)...
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    With the rem 700 no longer being made what your action of choice for your long range rifle ?

    I have no experience with these but for a 700 clone, $575 seems like a price worth considering.
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    Bullet Cost - Why is this so much a wild hair?

    This is just bullets, not loaded ammo?
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    Origin & Bartlein or SR3 & PROOF?

    Correct. Speaking specifically to CFW barrels below. Proof blank $729 Proof prefit $829 Bartlein blank $700 Bartlein prefits aren’t available from Bartlein to my knowledge.
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    Origin & Bartlein or SR3 & PROOF?

    I think he’s saying $700 for the Bartlein CFW plus $400 for chamber, thread, crown smith work. Proof is prefit.
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    suggestions for rifle for my wife... I got that for female that is about an inch taller than your wife. 5’ 3/4” tall. Fits her well. Several light recoiling chamberings available.
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    Remington 300 RUM W/dies, cases, and factory ammo

    If it helps, I believe the 700 Sendero SFii were 8.5# from the factory with 26” barrel.
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    7mm WSM

    I’ve wondered the same and these are the reasons I’ve come up with after numerous conversations. The bullet technology wasn’t there when they were introduced. Now it is but the barrels aren’t the right twist in factory rifles. Additionally, the modern bullets won’t run in the actions that were...
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    Good Weight for a Hunting Rifle

    7.0 pounds scoped would be ideal but it always ends up half pound heavier
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    Biden to shutdown online sales

    People are already buying everything they’s not slowing down anytime soon.