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    Which Factory 280AI Rifle?

    Cooper Mdl 92.....great action, superb trigger, and sub MOA all day long out of the box. Can't be beat.
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    Shotgun 209 Primers

    Or ship as components which has been done as well
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    Shotgun 209 Primers

    I looked at UPS site. Do you have a UPS Choice account. It appears you can shop hazardous with that account. I have done same and at a point in process they print out a Hazmat symbol to tape on package.
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    Shotgun 209 Primers

    Yup it is.
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    Shotgun 209 Primers

    Know this isn't a clay sport site, but thought I'd give it a shot. I'm in desperate need of Shotgun 209 primers. Can't find anything on web and nothing locally. PM me with what you've got to sell. Thanks.
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    I hunted with them in 2015 and used my 35 Whelen with 225 Barnes and did just fine. Nice caliber for those who don't like the bump of a 338 or above magnum. Old school I know, but it got 'er done with one shot in the timber.
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Just received funds. My 7STW is now sold and in the hands of an Idaho elk hunter. Good luck.
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Coyote01....sorry, this has been on the for sale for 18+ days and sold yesterday. The buyer wants the total package. If the buyer doesn't come thru with the funds, you are next in line.
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    With the rem 700 no longer being made what your action of choice for your long range rifle ?

    I think if you are going to build a gun, eliminating irritating issues with 700 type actions is worth the investment. That is why I always choose Montana’s Defiance models that have mounts CNC’d in to eliminate bases coming loose. When shooting magnums, this can be an issue - even with blue...
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Believe I now have a buyer. SPF
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    28 nosler muzzle breaks

    +1 fir Area 419 Hellfire self timing brake. Used many and this is the best.
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Am puzzled why I haven’t sold this superb long range gun yet. Here is where I came to my price H-S Precision Precision Long Range -$3800 Forearm Picatinny rail -$10 H-S Precision 20 MOA Picatinny rail - $70 ITC Rifle Cheek Pad $30 Area 419 Hellfire brake $135 Rifle Costs - $4045 Nightforce...
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    Neat rifle from savage.

    That would be really nice.....I shoot trap and most guns have this Type of LOP and comb adjustment options ....rifle manufacturers are slow to offer same. Guess the accessory lobbyists are aggressive.
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    Flat lander intro

    Lived in Williston and graduated there.....never saw Mulies like that when living there. Nice buck for sure.
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    Labradar tripod

    I also use 18” and #2 on sensitivity with additional add on trigger on scope.