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    Help with Rem 700 Action Screw Torque Values. (Wood Stock)

    Gent's, Recently acquired a Remington 700 Classic in .222 Rem. After a few range sessions and coming up with a nice consistent sub moa load, I decided to install a Timney Trigger. Unfortunately, after putting the action back into the stock and torquing the action screws down to 40 in lbs front...
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    Which .264 cartridge

    What do you mean by” has clearance issues”? Just curious as I’m looking to add a 6.5 PRC to my stable, and will be reloading for it. Thanks
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    Your Next Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge

    6.5 PRC or 280 AI
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington .222 Die Set

    Dies bought.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington .222 Die Set

    Thanks for the heads up AZ. I'm actually looking for a FL die set. Original post has been corrected.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington .222 Die Set

    Looking for .222 Rem Full Length die set. PM if you have a set you'd like to part with. Thank you.
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    257 Weatherby Mag-RCBS Neck Sizing Die

    Minimally used. Like new condition. $30.00 TYD
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    270 Weatherby Mag-RCBS Neck Sizing Die

    Minimally used. Like new condition. $30.00 TYD
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    270 Weatherby Mag-RCBS Die set.

    Minimally used. Like new condition. $40.00 tyd
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    WTB: .277 Nosler 130 Accubonds

    Post deleted
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    WTB: .277 Nosler 130 Accubonds

    PM me if you have any you'd like to sell. Thanks
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    140 NBT at 3300fps or 130AB at 3450fps for Elk

    Gent's Doing an Elk hunt this fall and am planning to take my recently rebarreled 270 Weatherby. My hope was to come up with an accurate load combo using 140 NAB's, as I have quite a few on hand. Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to cobble together a load that met my satisfaction. With the...
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    25-06 vs 257 wby

    257 Wby without question. I own and have hunted quite a bit with both cartridges. While I think the 25-06 is a great a round, the 257 is simply better and just flat out hammers game. Having the ability to push 115's & 120's into the 3400-3450 range provides an additional level of versatility...