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    Anybody running a properly throated 300 WSM or 270 WSM

    26”. Barrel including a radial brake. RL26 powder.
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    Anybody running a properly throated 300 WSM or 270 WSM

    I’m running my 270WSM OAL @ 2.980 using 150 ABLR @ .20 off lands for 3120 FPS. I believe the barrels freeborn is .80 longer. I could never freeborn as long as you want for mag length. The bullet junction at the base of the neck is perfect already
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    Reloading 45colt?

    Look into imr4227. It will fill the case better. Good accurate 23000 psi load. I use it in my USFA 45 colt revolver. 22 grains is max With 250 lead hard cast. Note this load would NOT be suggested for a vintage 45 colt but works on modern steels revolver and rifles. Note: this load is taken from...
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    Accubond, Hammer or Berger?

    My experience on Elk at close and 600 yd distances in 30 cal performance has been Bergers 215 hybrid in my 30 Nosler. DRT every time. That combo seems to be the perfect recipe. It’s either the weight or size I don’t know. Strangely I’ve heard other combos not so. Another winner for me. I’ve had...
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    Caliber change........HELP!

    Buddy your 270 WSM is a good cartridge. Out performs a lot of the newest developed cartridges in that class with more speed and energy.
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    Seating bullet problem... need help

    Consider change your seating plug to accommodate the shape of the bullet and acquire a precision seating die such as Reading Micrometer seating die. You’ll eliminate most all your runout
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    Which of your guns are really most important?

    I live in a small town. Most people are gun owners and will protect their home land. I’d go no where. I’d stay and fight. My arsenal and ammo would be enough to stand my ground along with many others in this community. I’m not running from anything at my age. Best option to me
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    243 powders

    I shoot Berger 108 Elite Hunter in my 243 AI with Reloader 23. You need a slower powder for the heavier and longer bullets as well as a faster twist. I tried h1000 and rl26 but rl23 won the shooting match
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    460 Rowland

    I’ve been reloading for the 460Rowland. Didn’t care for the compensator too much on my Kimber Gold Match. A lot of length in that pistol. Sold it to my Buddy who owns Diamond D Leather. Ordered a long slide Kimber which doesn’t need a compensator. I’ll be happy with the outcome.
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    "30 Nosler is a very impressive round" says Josh at Copper Creek Cartridge Company

    Mine is throated to accept the 215 Hybrid type bullets. Brux#4 using 79.8 H1000 and Federal match primers for 3036 velocity and @ 3/8-1/2 groupings. Flattened primers but no cratering or bolt lift problems
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    Velocity Effect of Bullet Tension

    Agree with that. I use Reloader 23 for my 243AI with the heavy for caliber bullets
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    Velocity Effect of Bullet Tension

    My opinion you’ve got it right on. Consistent neck tension is the key to small groups and low ES. I think a good annealing regiment also helps with consistent neck tension. I shoot a 243AI using Bergers 108 Elite Hunter. Amazing out come of accuracy in my 8 Twisp Brux barrel
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    Best magnification for a scope

    All of my hunting rifles are fitted with 3X18X44mm. TMOA. It’s easier to have them all the same. I rarely go to 18X though. 15X would be fine. All mine are scabbard rifles. Thats why I stay with 44mm. Plenty of light gathering for me. 3X for in tight cover
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    Screw on vs. Ported muzzle brake

    I think he will find that his smith installed a break after threading and crowning and turned it down to look finished. No way could he crown the barrel any other way. My smith put a break on my 270WSM and i wanted it the same diameter. He did a perfect job on it. He didn’t recommend removing it...
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    300 prc convertion

    I think for the larger bullet lengths your mag well should be at least 3.7 inches. Longer is better