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    For Sale Powders to trade for RL26- Including H1000,Varget, more- Cody, WY

    How much RL16 do you have available? I'll be coming through N Central WY in two weeks or so and might be interested in seeing if we can work something out
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    7mm 195 EOLs In Stock

    EuroOptic has them as well
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    338-300 PRC

    I'd go back to the 33 Nosler and have the smith throat it long enough to seat out to the same 3.65". Sure you may lose out on a bit of velocity with the 250s compared to the 338-300PRC, but if you ever want to run the 265/285s ABLR/ELD or some of the heavier monos the 33 Nosler will be set up...
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    Short 338 Lapua

    Tagging in to follow, can't wait to hear how it performs in the field! I've been dreaming of a similar 338 setup but was leaning toward the Norma case.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Burris Veracity 2-10

    Price drop to $350
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 280 Remington dies

    Midway USA has several Forster and Redding options available. I just ordered a 280 Rem Forster micrometer seater from them the other day! Good luck with your search.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Burris Veracity 2-10

    As title states, the exact model details are in the pictures of the box label. Comes with all the original included items: user manual, flip up lens covers, and sun shade. Bought it new back in 2017. It's a great little scope, only reason for selling is I swapped it for a scope with dialing...
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    Berger Bullets Arrived today

    Any chance you have 6.5 130 OTM coming in soon? Could use another 1000 of those
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    It's a whiskey tasting kinda of night ...

    Seeing a lot of great choices in this thread! Was treated to a picking out a new bottle for Father's Day. I decided to try something a bit more adventurous, this is my first foray into finished bourbon. So far so good, I definitely enjoy the more traditional style bourbon for sipping but mixing...
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    Void to fill in the Long Range Scope market

    Sightron now makes an illuminated FFP version of their 4-20 STAC, catalog lists it as 25.8 oz
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30-06 brass

    Willing to split? Only need 50 at most.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30-06 brass

    Looking for 40 to 50 pieces of 30-06 brass. Hornady, Federal, Rem, Win, etc. Have a buddy who was gifted a 30-06 several months ago but can't find ammo for it so I'm trying to get components rounded up to reload for him. Brass is the last thing remaining on my list. He's not a long range...
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    Sightron Zero Stop Turret issue

    I used a white paint pen to make a carefully aligned witness mark on top of my ring cap that lines up with zero. As I peek up over the top of the scope it's easy to see where the turret is set. A silver sharpie would work just as well probably