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    Strengthening the Firearms Industry

    Thanks for the kind words.
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    Strengthening the Firearms Industry

    Hi fellow members, this is Kelly McMillan. I know it has been a long time since I have personally posted but that doesn't mean I haven't been around. I am posting today because I believe this is very important. First off I would like to say thanks to Len and Andy. They are the first customer...
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    Do you use an adjustable cheekpiece on your rifle?

    I have seen an adjustable one piece base, that had a wheel at the rear of the base. It was as repeatable as the internal adjustment of any scope and allowed you to set your scope ine the center to the adjustment and leave it there. If I remember correctly it had 100 minutes of adjustment but...
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    Do you use an adjustable cheekpiece on your rifle?

    To finish the story, we found another good bull a few minutes later on a different part of the canyon. This one was at 780 yards and not in direct line with the sun. And though my position wasn't ideal and just prior to get reading to get down on the rifle, I turned quickly to get my backpack...
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    Do you use an adjustable cheekpiece on your rifle?

    I know I am late to the party, and there have been pages of responses to the question. If someone has covered the material I am about to offer, I apologize in advance, I have not read every post in the thread. From personal experience, I will from now on carry a rifle that has an adjustable...
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    McMillan EOL Outdoorsman Long Range Rifle

    WE have always used a thicker pillar on any of the stocks we bed, just the way we have always done it. We put the thinner pillars in the EDGE to keep the weight down as much as possible, that is the only difference.
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    McMillan EOL Outdoorsman Long Range Rifle

    I will be honest, there is absolutely no reason to put thicker pillars in a stock than the EDGE pillars. As I have stated on this forum before pillars do one thing and one thing only and that is keep the material under the receiver from crushing. Thicker would mean stronger but you couldn't...
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    McMillan EOL Outdoorsman Long Range Rifle

    The finish is what we call a Three color granite. You can mix any three colors we paint with, this particular combination is olive base with black and tan specs. The 3 color granite have quickly become the most popular of any of our painted finishes.
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    190 Berger load for 300 Win Mag with 1-11 rwist.

    I have a custom who is looking for a 190 Berger load to use in his McMillan Tac-300 in 300 Win Mag. As stated in the title, we use a 1-11" twist in a 24" barrel. We don't have any experience with such a load so if I can get some feed back for my customer I would aopreciate it.
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    Give Away Contest - McMillan Stock

    We don't have any trouble shipping to Canada.
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    Fitting a Rem 700 in a McMillan A-5

    My suggestion is to send the stock and the barreled action to us, attn Kelly McMillan, and I will personally make sure it is right when we send it back.
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    Give Away Contest - McMillan Stock

    If any of you have any questions you would like answered don't hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to get the perfect stock for their next build. Good luck guys!
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    Muley Special

    Not yet but we are working on it.
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    Range Test Mcmillan EOL Outdoorsman

    He obviously knew it wasn't hunting season.
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    Bank of America Tells McMillan Group to Find Another Banker

    The new bank I National Bank of Arizona. We are happy and they are happy, it is a great fit. They are local, 2nd Amendment friendly, financially solid, backed by Zion Bank out of Utah, and our money stays in our community. For those who have supported McMillan I want to say thank you, and ask...

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