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    95 Berger VLD For Deer

    105 gr A-Max at 3300 out of my 243 AI would be my choice. PICTURES [ 08-13-2004: Message edited by: mbianchini ]
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    243AI case splitting problem when fire forming

    Never heard such a thing fire formed many hundred Lupua 243 brass and only had about 2 that did not form right.
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    gun cases for LRH rigs?

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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: brand new Sendero stock and barrel

    i will use the barrel to make dies..
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    243 & 105gr A-max?

    You need the 8" twist.
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    Which Chronograph to buy??????

    Oehler 35P would be my first pick if i had to buy again..
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    6.5 Twist

    my 6.5 WSM's got 9" twist and the 6.5x284's got 8" twist. What velocity are u going to drive the C-Rivers? [ 11-05-2003: Message edited by: mbianchini ]
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    243 Ackley Improved

    To hot to list. I would start at 48.0gr with the RL-25 and the 105's and work your way up.
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    243 Ackley Improved

    Got lots of data for RL-22 amd RL-25 shooting the heavy bullets. 105 to 108gr. 243 Ackley Pictures
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    SOLD/EXPIRED L E Wilson 25 06 Rem Die Set

    4 sale up on ebay.
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    the best long range varmint caliber

    Darryl Cassel "hit the nail on the head" I shoot 243AI's with the heavy bullet's 105-108gr out to 1000 with great results. Picture's
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    Burris Black Diamond or Leupold?

    I will stick with my Leupold's. H-BAR im in disagreement with you.” Burris’s has better optics" Scopes are like barrels you get a good one and one time you get a bad one when it comes to optics. Seems too me that one scope brand to brand will always be clearer then other. I have owned several...
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    Any opinions on Alliant's Reloder22?

    Re: Any opinions on Alliant\'s Reloder22?
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    105 gr A-max in a .243

    Yes: the bullets don't hold up at short ranges on deer.