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    Going Electric

    Bike sounds like a great idea! Anyone ever tried one of those Segway things? I’d be concerned about doing a face plant.
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    Eezox, tell me about it

    I bet it would be a pain if you put it on your arse.
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    Crow sniping at 93 yards (video)

    Nice shooting. Makes me embarrassed when I miss the close shots but my pellet rifle isn’t anywhere near as good. Let’s just not talk about my shooting......
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    Threat to Missouri Breaks sheep

    East coast guy that doesn’t know squat about sheep. Found this thread to be a very interesting read. Appreciate the info and opinions.
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    Opinions on this picture

    A picture was posted of one in that was killed in Maryland. Looked very much like a big healthy german shepard in size and color but it was definitely a coyote.

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