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    For Sale Sako 75 stainless 300 RUM

    How many rounds have you put down the pipe?
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    25-06 vs 257 wby

    25-06 with 115gr. Nosler BT's is a hammer. I have taken everything including elk with that load.
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    Pof Renegade Plus rifle 223/556 w/Vortex PST 4-16x50 mil/mil

    How many rounds do you have down the tube?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Once Shot Brass For Sale

    How many pieces of 300WM do you have and what are you asking?
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    Colorado (and Nearby) Reloading Swap (and Ammo)

    I woukd be interested in your RL#22
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cal Accubond w/cann and 6mm Balistic tip w/cann (BLEMS)

    6 boxes of .30 cal 180gr. Accubonds w/cann(Blems) 50ct.- $250 shipped 4 boxes of 6mm 95gr. Balistic tip w/cann(Blems) 50ct. - $110 shipped Continental US only
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    870 wingmaster

    3" or 2 3/4"? Do you have pictures?
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    Left Hand Weatherby Mark V 460 Weatherby Magnum

    Nice rifle. Does it come with wheels like a cannon?:D
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    Flying after a successful hunt

    Checked baggage is the cheapest way to go if you have to fly. Keep everything under the 50Lb. limit unless you have status(70lbs for United). They will not let you take dry ice. Frozen solid is always best. I just got back from Alaska with 400lbs of fish processed and packed. It cost me $150...
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    Preference: 1 “go-to” or “a tool for every use”?

    I am a fan of the..300 win. I have used it to shoot prairie dogs to eland. You can load it with just about any type of 30 cal bullet and brass isn't overly expensive. Also, in a pinch you can find it on most sporting goods Shelves in the US and even some PH's in Africa have a supply if your...
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    What factory rifle?

    Have you looked at the SAKO's in a 300 win?
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    Bullet suggestions for elk

    165 gr. Sierra boat tail with 57 gr. Imr-4831 does a pretty good job and just about anything out West
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    Youth deer rifle.

    30-06 loaded with 150 gr. reduced loads. He will be able to use it on any animal he will want to hunt his entire life. Ammo is cheap and easy to find. My 12 yr. old had no problem handling it.
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    WTT/WTS new POF 308

    What Gen is this?
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    11 Colorado points--where to go ?

    Save your points and keep putting in for area 201. In another 10 to 15 years you may be able to draw. There are a couple of other places but most of those don't require points or have left over the counter tags. Or put in for a ranching for wildlife tag.