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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Remington 700 .284 Win.

    this rifle is sold. I cannot figure how to modify it to delete the post!!! Where is the "modify" buttom?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Remington 700 .284 Win.

    I shoot 180 bullets, not shortened. long styory short, i felt that a singl shot on a short action (shorter receiver less opportunity for deformation, shorter bolt lest deflection etc.) triple pillared, single shot. no need to short throat or shorten COL. cannot be converted to a repeater wihtout...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Remington 700 .284 Win.

    it shoots great. barely broken in, 65 rounds down the tube, just getting strated load development but finances dictate I need to sell it. it weigh's 10 lbs as you see it with the scope.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Remington 700 .284 Win.

    Custom Remington model 700 .284 Win. : Bolt Action Rifles at Custom Remington 700 .284 Win. 26" PacNor Stainless fluted barrel, 1-10" twist. reworked trigger 20 Oz. pull. Tiger Maple thumb hole stock. Leupold base/rings. for sale on GunBroker $750 buy it now price.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a .223WSSM barrel for a Rem 700

    looking for good used (not abused) Rem 700 .223WSSM barrel to round out my .22 cal collection
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Thompson Center Contender pistol

    sorry dude, sold that back in 09. might know someone looking to sell. but you shoul dook on specialty psitols, sure to be one for sale there or you can post a WTB
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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

    Enter me in the How to Dope the wind-Beyond Belief Video contest PLEASE!!! :)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS .224 (.223 cal.) bullets

    someone just asked if these were new or pulled. they are brand new bullets.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS .224 (.223 cal.) bullets

    back to the top
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS .224 (.223 cal.) bullets

    found another bag in the loading room 2,000 available
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS .224 (.223 cal.) bullets

    udated post 1,000 left
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS .224 (.223 cal.) bullets

    edited post, 2,000 left
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    SOLD!! I have about 1,000 once fired Lake City (mill primer crimp removed) Primed (CCI SR primer) .223 Remington brass for sale: $9/100 plus $5 shipping $42/500 plus $10 shipping $80/1000 plus $10 shipping e-mail me [email protected] or PM here Dano

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