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    Looks like your die crushed your shoulder. If you have to save this brass you might can run it thru the sizer die and save it...maybe. The cam over on your bullet seater part of the reload may have got ya. When you start the bullet seat process put a case in the shell holder , run the press arm...
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    First elk hunt. Leaning toward Tikka

    Even after you get your new missle launcher, think about taking the 30.06 also. I have been messing around with super performance powder by hodgdon, and it can add maybe 200 fps to a 168 grain bullet out of the 30.06. but it is scary powder, very hot, higher pressures. There is a chance at...
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    Need some reloading help

    As an aside, don't let the ammo sit in direct sunlight on a hot day before you shoot it.
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    Hard bolt pull?

    What did I do to find the cause?... I misread the ? Earlier. What I did to find the cause for sticking bolt on extraction was asked wise old men in person and came to LRH for further advice. I was also getting case head separation with the sticky bolt but all this issue didn't show til about...
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    Hard bolt pull?

    Excessive head space, too many loads on the brass and too hot loads.
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    Hard bolt pull?

    That has happened to me and I think it was excessive head space. The necks were dirty and I was getting gas blow back around the neck and even the shoulder. Case would get tight in the chamber after firing. Over worked brass too.
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    Help me pick cartridge

    27 Nosler, and, copy the Nosler mountain carbine, 6 1/2 pounds.
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    Explain the need for a 28 Nosler

    I live down the road from Nosler, 50 miles, and I asked one of their associates about the 28 N, and, he summarized it as maybe the best of both worlds, when it comes to accuracy and energy. 7.2 mm 175 grain accubonds going plenty fast, in Nosler mountain carbine...they thru Mr Nosler, are all...
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    Sig wins contract with the 277 fury

    I am just glad that the military is moving to a heavier round. From what I have been reading the small arms fire fights have been moving out to 800 yards plus.
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    What cartridge?

    Maybe 27 Nosler.?
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    New to long range and big game hunting

    Starting out "new" I would go LD setup in 6.5 PRC....if money was easy to find.
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    .338 win mag or 300 win mag

    If he doesn't want it I would be interested. PM me..?
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    Which PRC for my lightweight mountain rifle

    i vote 6.5 PRC, brings you up to the killing capacity of a hot 270 load. It would be a good all around Mt rifle. And quite fun to shoot. And, I agree if you should expect to run into a big elk you would be a more human hunter to pack a 338, or 300... last fall, as I was raising the scope to my...
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    338 Win. Mag Ruger M77

    After looking at me load data, I was using imr 4350, not 7828. 2700 fps would be well worth a try.

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