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    Time to cut some weight.

    Age, and the right tool for the time. I am going 270, but, a 243 will do well on most mule deer around here in Oregon. The 6.5 PRC is good to look at if you are going new setup. You know what to only live once, so, get a solid light weight, (i would stick with m700), 6 to 7mm rifle...
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    Best LR .30 caliber on .473 bolt face

    That 30 Gibbs looks interesting
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    FINALLY got a rifle to learn LR shooting with

    Also, load some lites to get on paper. Then power up til you hit that first node. Get use to it then power up to your next node...if there is one. You will be launching missles.
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    FINALLY got a rifle to learn LR shooting with

    Nice.! At least 20 MOA base and Burris rings. M700 is a very nice long ranger.
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    Bullet choices for 270

    130 grain Nosler partition, would be what I would try next. Definently flat based bullets. Or try sierra 130 flat based. Same issue on a custom rifle. Now good to 200 yards and beyond...
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    Bought a .270 Today

    My first center-fire rifle was aM700 270 and is still my favorite. The projectiles are getting better too.
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    Remington 700 extractor verses m16 style verses sako extractor

    Numrich had Remington m721 extractors, new manufacture. Just under $30. I bought one.
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    Are the .338s becoming pointless?

    the furthest I've seen deer run, shot thru the heart, and blown 40 yards. The rest swirled and crumpled where they stood.
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    Are the .338s becoming pointless?

    I want to hang out with J E Custom
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    Help Me Decide on Rifle Trade

    Go for it, if it's a buddy, you know where it lives and can borrow it anytime...
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    Bullet Puller?

    RCBS works good for me.
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    Do I need a chronograph?

    Once you develop that group of reload, shooter addicts...some old deaf fart will give you one.
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    I've been loading 180 grain Woodleighs in my 270, and, it's like shooting a stubby pencil...lots of bearing surface and friction too.? I won't buy more after they are gone. I think I will try some Nosler 165s though. Especially if they have some blemished ones for cheap.
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    Just as a test to see if it helps. Use all copper .?
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    Remington 700, bull barrel, 26 inches. Used, $600 maybe more. 20 MOA base, $60. Rings and scope of choice. I chose Burris rings and an on sale athlon ares scope, China made but nice. $459...$850 now though. Rings $60? About $1200 i paid for a hunting machine.