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    Sitka Fanatic Light Bibs and light Jacket

    I’m only 5’9 worried that the legs would be long. Do they have a inseam length
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    Custom .308 bolt gun

    How much does it weigh
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    AERO 6.5 creed ar10 trade for MDR

    Do you have a selling price if you don’t trade it ?
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    .308 Rem 700 16”

    How does it shoot . Any targets
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    Ruger 77/22

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    Ruger 77/22

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    Leupold vx6 4-24x52 B&C

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t purchased this already. I just don’t anything needing a setup right now
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    Tikka, Proof, Southfort, MCR

    That’s funny nice response. Nice gun really like that
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    Tikka, Proof, Southfort, MCR

    What’s the tread on it. Nice tread protector
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    6.5 CM upper, Proof

    Have you shot it if so how did it do

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