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    Give Away Contest - Lilja Precision Rifle Barrel

    Great barrels thanks for the competition! I own about 5 or 6 Liljas already, I could use a new barrel in my 220 ackley. Fingers crossed L-46
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    Finally got my 1000 yard p-dog.

    Wow, a great result. Who said he took the rifle to work! 1.5 hrs is plenty of time to get home, clean up, reload some ammo, and be ready for a days work! L-46
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    rifles for pd shooting

    Total, i only have experience with the 204, so will not comment on the others. It is capable from 200 out to 600yds with the right set up and ballistics programe. The sweet spot is around 400-450 yds with 80%+ success rate quite possible. The most important thing is to go to the range and set up...
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    The Over-Rated Crown

    Alan, I have seen, as others have, varing results with recrowning. I makes me wonder whether calibre, velocity, bullet jackets, BC, and other factors have an effect on the results. My story is a little different, maybe to the other end of the scale. I was given a .204 some months back, it was...
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    The Over-Rated Crown

    Alan, A facinating article to say the least! Many of us have had experiences about barrel crown and the like. We all see and do what we believe to be correct? at the time any way! This is an amazing 'trial' to get some factual answers. I would have never believed what your were going to write...
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    Flatline Ops Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Flatline Ops Contest" :)