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    6.5 Creedmoor: Maximum Lethal Range for Whitetail

    140 vld launched at about 2700 or a little under dropped a nice buck antelope Sat for my son at 595 yards. That was from a short barreled 6.5x47 but similar velocity to the Creedmoor. Buck dropped like a rock with shoulder shot. I'd not have an issue with that type distance for a whitetail...
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    Lets compare our 54cal loads

    My current load is a .018 patch, .530 roundball, Pyrodex select, cci primer. Shoots very well. Need to try some ffg Swiss in it. I don't ever go over 100 grains of powder and I think my last hunting load was 90 grains. They tend to hammer deer.
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    Covering a Suppressor

    Tape works, no issues.
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    Check this guy on my game cam

    No we do not. My comment was just that fall bears eat pretty good.
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    Check this guy on my game cam

    We've got almost too many bears in CO. Good color, good size, punch a tag and save some fawns/calves. Plus the fall bears eat pretty good too.
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    Back muscle spasm then packing out 30 days later

    I'd plan on shooting just one critter and packing it out. In my part of the mountains and at that time of year, if I had to make 3-4 trips to get an elk out, the last two trips would probably include spoiled meat. That's just my locale and your's may be much cooler that time of year. I see no...
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    McMillan Classic **sold**

    Bump for a great stock.
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    Compact Suppressed Build cartridge?

    I like a 6.5x47 at 18-19" shooting a 135 Berger Classic around 2760 fps. UL7 screwed on gets me to around 24-25". Berger 140 around 2700 works well also. I'd have no issues with 600 yards on game at my altitude. Do have an 18" 30-06. It does around 2770 fps with 155 Scenars. Suppressed and total...
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    New build. Short barreled silenced. Which round

    I posted this before. Have 18" and 19" 6.5x47 setup relatively light. UL7 on both. The 18" shoots 140 vld right at 2700 fps. At about 10,500 last fall watched my son bust an onside bull elk shoulder at 400 yards. Bullet was under hide on far side behind opposite shoulder. I find these rifles to...
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    Rem 700 SA ADL Wood stock

    Bump, anybody have an old Remington 700 wood stock they would like to sell?
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    Defiance AnTi, n Carbon barrel, what would you build?

    I'd go Benchmark #2 at 21" and a 6.5x47. I'd take a small weight hit on the scope and go NXS 2.5-10.
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    Rem 700 SA ADL Wood stock

    Per subject, looking for a wooden Rem 700 short action stock. Inlet can be sporter or varmint. Not worried about scratches etc. Let me know what you have. Righthand inlet.
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    Hunting with a muzzle brake, ear protection

    This article discusses hearing loss from using brakes even with hearing protection. To each their own. I'll stick with non-braked rifles after having a few with brakes over the years. Article...
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    Dog Haulers for truck or SUV?

    Put a deposit down on a topper for the Tundra. I'll just bolt the Ruff Tuff together and get them strapped down good in back. Season is coming fast, good luck to all you guys.
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    Optimum barrel length for 6.5CM w/can?

    I've got a medium palma in 6.5x47. I have mine at 22" with a UL7 on it. Feels good to me in a McMillan A5 fiberglass stock. You'll love that Creedmoor suppressed.

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