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    Trued vs off the shelf Rem 700 Action

    I have had them trued, not trued, very accurate, okay accurate. Just had one trued and it is a tack driver. That said, if I was building another I'd buy one of the custom actions around $850 including a rail and lug. Just seems like an easier way to go.
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    H4350 Located $$$

    I'd buy that 8 pounder and smile.
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    300 RUM recoil?

    The guy in article was wearing plugs and muffs I do believe. One blast by an excited kid or hunter without hearing protection on while hunting and it will cause damage. No doubt the RUM delivers a massive ballistic package for very long range shooting. Just be aware of all the pros and cons to...
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    300 RUM recoil?

    If I can shoot it suppressed or at a minimum without a brake, not interested. Seeing too much stuff die with smaller rigs these days. Interesting article for those who are having kids shoot braked rifles...
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    RM big horn strategy

    After you save $5,000 to $8,000 for your retirement fund each year, I'd take an extra $1500 and put it in a solid stock index fund. Do that every year. Once it grows enough, buy a dall hunt. The supply and demand of western sheep tags is kind of stupid and getting worse. I drew out as a...
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    6.5x47L Decisions

    Greyfox, what was barrel length and are you finding close to lands works well? Great shooting.
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    6.5x47L Decisions

    Have 3 done with same reamer. 135 Berger classics, 140 vld, 147 eld all shoot very well. Trying some 130 AR Hybrids soon. .170 FB. All fit magazines and hit lands.
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    Accuracy versus velocity

    In my case, the short barreled rigs are 6.5x47 lapuas, well and one 30-06. Those velocities I posted are putting the gas to them lol, they just have small engines. But quite fun to shoot and when you shoot more, you read wind better. Life is full of tradeoffs and I can certainly see the big rigs...
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    Accuracy versus velocity

    Using 6.5 and 30 caliber bullets last year, I watched both kids kill bull elk at 350-400 yards. Both rigs with short suppressed barrels had 2700 fps and 2775 fps muzzle velocity. Give me a tack driver with a good bc bullet and powder river let er buck.
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    Bear lard

    Have rendered it off a few bears here. They've all been berry and acorn bears. If you go slow, keep your temp down, and filter while filling jars, it is an amazing thing. Really like it and it last forever in fridge. Daughter has used it for all manner of baking. I use it on some muzzleloader...
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    Lightweight Scopes

    Want other than an SWFA, I'd just buy the best NXS that fits your needs. Used ones are under $1500. I don't like messing around with scopes that don't dial well though so ymmv. And I don't use warranties so that rules out a few others. A 7mm-08 with an 18" barrel used out to 500 is going to...
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    Lightweight Scopes

    You can readily accomplish the stated goals using an SWFA 6x or 10x scope for $300. Weighs 20 ounces. Highly reliable for dialing but also has a mil quad reticle for holding if desired. Easily buy two for both rifles and seekins rings.
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    My new hunting rifle

    Slap some ARC low rings on there. Looks real nice.
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    Hunting with the 6.5/06

    I burned up the majority of the barrel with RL22 as that was prior to RL26 coming out. It would be hard to look past RL26 at this point though.
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    No Retumbo no H100

    Tom, Perhaps RL25 may work. Since you are new to reloading I'll say this. Each pound has 7000 grains. So say your 28 Nosler needs 80 grains(no idea, I don't own one). So you get 87 rounds per pound. Barrel will be toast in 1000 rounds probably. So you need 12 pounds of powder to burn your barrel...