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    Looking for a Texas hog hunt

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I’m looking for someplace in Texas to hunt hogs/javelina. My son is out of the Air Force now and we’d like to take a trip. Would like to find somewhere we could hunt out of blinds and/or walk a ranch. We are seasoned hunters and not...
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    Tikka and VX5HD
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    Bushnell Spacemaster II

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    Bushnell Spacemaster II

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    Bushnell Spacemaster II

    For sale in the original box is Bushnell Spacemaster II with 60X eyepiece. These were made with quality Japanese glass. Approx 11” long and in very good shape and clear. Minor discoloration at the edge of the objective that doesn’t seem to affect performance at all. The 60X lense is...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 110 standard action

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell Spacemaster

    Thank you sir. Could you send a few pics
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell Spacemaster

    Looking for an older Bushnell Spacemaster spotting scope. Would like to find one made in Japan and in good shape.
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    Savage BVSS stock

    Looking for a Savage BVSS stock, short action 4.4” action screw spacing. Thanks ...
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    HS precision for short action Savage

    Looking for a blind mag 4.4” short action Savage HS Precision stock. Thanks
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    Favorite bedding compounds

    Nice work pierce...!!!!
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    Curtis Custom Short Magnum Magazine

    Still looking but also curious, I tried to go to the Curtis website to order a couple with no luck. Are they still up and running?
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    Rough Savage 111 action

    Just asking, is that a center feed with the magazine box thats stays in the stock when you remove action? The reason I’m asking is that with those models I’ve notice the bolt tends to drag a good bit on the feed lips of the mag box and can make it feel rough on the cycle
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    Converting a Tikka to internal box magazine

    Alaskan I think your right about the action port. And a BDL system would be nice. I really like the Tikka rifle line and in most situations a magazine is fine, but I’m preparing for the day (I hope) to pack into the Alaskan mountains and I don’t want to mess or worry about a magazine