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    H1000 or Retumbo with New 168/175 LR Accubonds?

    For the STW guys I worked up a Retumbo load for my 28 Nosler that had a 3 full grain node. Range of three full grains in the same hole. With all my RUM’s or the other Jeffrey cases I always use Retumbo because the burn rate is so much cooler than H1000, it just has to extend the life of the...
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    Straight 284 win and Shehane

    I am building a couple of 28 Noslers, one with Varmint contour barrel for matches we have here in Texas that go to a mile. 3- classes 6mm-7mm and 30-338 class and the open class above 338 for the Cheytecs. The other #4 contour for hunting. You should look at the ballistics.
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    phone Nathan Wright from MBM?

    I have bought several of your brakes and need more. The contact page on MBM website is not currently working. Nathan, if you get this please message me. I am building 3- more and do not want to use some other brake. Need 3- Super Beasts. Hope you got the video of me shooting a 416 - one handed...
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    Hearing Protection in Field

    I wear Peltor Tactical Sport electronic muffs all day, very comfortable especially if you spend $40 on Pilot’s Gell cups. Amazon has them $109-119. Hunting you can hear way better with amplification turned up than you can without them on and safe to shoot with. Been wearing them for years and I...
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    Do you always lap your scope rings?

    I lap everything even .22’s. Scope rings are not perfect no matter how much you spend. And I rosin inside of rings like on Safari Big Bores and if you change scopes you can wipe off the rosin on the scope with alcohol and cannot tell it was ever mounted. What started me was Talley rings on model...
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    416 RUM

    With 200yd zero with Barnes 350 gr TTSX at 2,800fps it only drops 41” at 500 thats less than a 180 gr 30-06. It has 6,000lbs at the muzzle.
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    .416 application, 300 RUM vs. .375 RUM brass?

    Well my Barnes 350gr TTSX is 2,800fps trued on a Applied Ballistics app Kestrel, with compressed H4350 load, 215M primer with OAL at 3.750” which is +.150”. Boran Nitride coated bullets get me low single digit SD’s usually 3 in a 5- shot string. I did not want to go with a faster powder and no...
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    .416 application, 300 RUM vs. .375 RUM brass?

    And using 375 RUM brass with annealed neck sizing it to 416 was easier than I expected.
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    .416 application, 300 RUM vs. .375 RUM brass?

    I built that rifle because of your post. It is a long range capable safari/dangerous game rifle. At 500 yards shooting steel plates, you would hit the same splat on the plate and almost rip it off the hangers. Thank You JE Custom for your post.
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    .416 application, 300 RUM vs. .375 RUM brass?

    That is the most amazing rifle I have ever had built. 350 gr Barnes TTSX at 2,800fps drops 41” at 500 yds and shoots 1/4 MOA. MBM Superbeast brake and I can shoot it one handed. Shot a 2” group at 865 yards. Got PTG 3.850” detachable mags and bottom metal so I can load .010” off the lands...
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    Maps for mobile devices

    Well in 2017 here were the cons on onx. You have to know exactly where you are going BEFORE you go so you can download the map online on wifi. Even if you have signal you cannot download maps on data on your phone. The smaller radius the map the more detail, the 10 or more mile map do not show...
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    Difference in 416 Rum, Dakota,Buff etc

    Just wanted to thank you on the 416 RUM working up from a 416 Ruger load to a max 416 Dakota load with H4350 and loading each round 1- gr more on the top 5- grs it was a 3/4” group with 5 full grs of powder difference, not 5/10 but 5 full grs, Unbelievable, you could load this thing with a Lee...
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    Difference in 416 Rum, Dakota,Buff etc

    The rifle build is the latest post the recoil video is second.
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    Difference in 416 Rum, Dakota,Buff etc

    If you go to Insane Accuracy on facebook I posted a slow motion 5- second video of the recoil, 416 RUM kicks less than a 243 with a MBM - Super Beast brake. That one sitting I shot 40 fire-lapping bullets and 10 trial loads so 50 total. It was a piece of cake my tiny wife could shoot it, without...
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    Difference in 416 Rum, Dakota,Buff etc

    JE Custom, Thanks for your help, I figured H4831SC or possibly H4350 and I have them both in bulk. It is an amazing rifle and round but no reloading data. I found Hornady data for 400gr 416 Dakota which on the same case and OAL would be close. With over length A.I. Detachable mags my OAL is...