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    Leupold gold ring question

    I have a VX3 3.5-10 + a VX3i 2.5-8 and a VX5 3-15. I find the glass/clarity in the VX3 to be superior to the VX3i. As for the VX5, it's resolution is at a higher level again.
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    Mountain goat bullet selection.

    No experience in shooting goats in your neck of the woods. I've shot tahr here in NZ - my personal experience with tahr is immobilize them so they end up somewhere that you can't retrieve them. As with one of the earlier comments- spine or smash their shoulders! Good luck with your hunt mate.
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    Would you eat this bull?

    If it was me I certainly wouldn't eat it. Infection that bad would be in the animals blood. The positives are the kill was quick and the bulls suffering ended and there's a decent set of antlers to help remember the hunt.
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    308 ammo for elk (barrel length)

    I've been hunting with a suppressed 16" 308 for several years now. I can't say that I've hunted any elk - but I have shot a number of large red deer. I have used a mixture of both factory and handloads. The factory has been both 150 SST & 150 GMX. The attached photo is of 3 recovered 150 GMX...
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    6.5 PRC VS 7mm WSM 18inch barrel

    Other calibers that could be worth considering 7mm saum or 300 WSM. Reason for these to take into consideration, 7 saum has a case capacity which holds a nominal amount of powder which will give you greater flexibility when it comes to powder choices in the shorter barrel (case capacity more...
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    Hunting bullet recommendation for short barreled 308

    I'm running 130 TTSX 3,000 fps behind H335. This is out of a 16" barrel (suppressed T3X)
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    Hunting bullet recommendation for short barreled 308

    They're good velocities you're getting out of your rifle. I'm running a Tikka T3x 308 with a Hardy over barrel suppressor.
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    Crazy 7mm build

    21" barreled T3. Yet to do load work but my plan is to duplicate velocities that others are achieving in similar configured rifles - 3k+ with 162 ELDx and a healthy dose of Reloder 23.
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    .308 - TSX 130gr

    130 TTSX in a 16" T3x 308, 49.5 grains H335 haven't ran it over a chronograph but others that are running it in similar configured. 308's claim the velocity is around 2950 fps. It a load that certainly kills well!
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    Tikka T3 223 1-8 load data Sierra TMK 77 grain

    Just the information I was looking for, thanks guys. Powders, bullets, brass and primers. That's what these forums are about. Sharing what's worked with others who are seeking similar results.
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    Which three must have calibers.

    .223 fast twist (1-8) .308 7mm rem mag
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    Tikka T3 223 1-8 load data Sierra TMK 77 grain

    Hey aushunter1 thanks for worldly advice, your rugby team might need some while you're at it!
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    Tikka T3 223 1-8 load data Sierra TMK 77 grain

    Hi all, I've recently purchased some Sierra 77 TMK's to run in my suppressed T3. I'd like to learn what loads work for you guys. Cheers KiwiIan
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    127 LRX 6.5 Creedmoor

    Those velocities are certainly up there. I guessing that I'd be getting around 2900 given that this will be out of a 20" barrel. The powders you have listed are also readily available to me as well. Thanks mate
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    127 LRX 6.5 Creedmoor

    Hi guys, I,m considering adding a 6.5 cm to my 30 cal and 7mm dominated gunsafe. Already planning in advance what may be a suitable contender for an all round hunting bullet i.e. 127 LRX. The rifle I'll most probably go with is a Tikka T3x stainless lite which will get cut to 20" and...