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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    Yeah it's ridiculous, makes it more difficult. There are companies that make a business out of doing the barge loads.
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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    Can't ship ammo to Alaska which really limits the ability to get 300 PRC ammo.
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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    Most of the factory rifles won't accept the factory length of a SAAMI 300 PRC. Don't assume you can rebarrel just any random rifle. Howa 1500 has the least expensive entry to shoot 300 PRC and im pretty sure it could be reamed out to 300 ultra mag or 30-378 weatherby later.
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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    338 win mag, 35 Whalen, 9.3x62 and 375 h&h/Ruger are great calibers. I have been seeing 375 h&h still available but only the more expensive stuff. Good thing is you won't spend a day at the range shooting it.
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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    I live in AK and have a 300 PRC. Factory ammo is nonexistent currently and it doesn't even seem available down in the lower 48. Reloading supplies aren't exactly very plentiful either at the moment. The one downfall with using a factory rifle is not many rifles have adequate magazine spacing...
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    Scope for light weight rifle

    I own the Maven and it's really nice.. SWFA, 2.5-10x32, 9.5 oz Maven RS.2, 2-10x38, 12.4 oz
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    Do all rifle???

    300 WM is hard to beat. If I were to start with one rifle it'd be a 300 WM with a 1:9 twist just for a bit more capability. I took a moose in 2020 with my tikka 300WM. I wouldn't hesitate to take it on any hunt with exception of Kodiak which I'd take my 338 or 375. I have a titanium/carbon 7...
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    Montana X2 28 Nosler

    Very lucky person just got a great deal
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    Winchester model 70 classic stainless .300 win. Mag

    Sent you a message
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    Lightweight 28 nosler Pierce Ti, Proof, Jewell.

    Wish I were not leaving for a business trip this week, would be an amazing rifle to add to my collection.
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    What songs go through your head while deer hunting?

    Second Week of Deer Camp. It's where I'm from so it'll always play in my head when I think of deer season.
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    Hammer Bullets?????

    I wonder where they draw the line at for being "related to firearms." If you wanted to you could in theory tie all optics purchases even things such as spotting scopes and binoculars into the same boat. I know I will be purchasing some hammer bullets in the future, just haven't had time to get...
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    New Alaska Rifle Tips?

    I relocated from Florida to Anchorage area last year, was a beautiful drive. I'm originally from Upper Peninsula of Michigan and retired from the Air Force in 2017. In addition to having your paperwork in order for taking your guns, realize that if you're going through Canadian National Parks...
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    New Gun For Wife.

    To me the best method is have the wife test your current rifles and hope she likes one so you can get a gun that you want.
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    Steiner gs3

    Still available?