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    .308 bullets...168etips and 165GMX

    I new full box of (50) each. $85 shipped
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    For Sale FN Mauser brought back to life...

    Little confused... did you replace the 7x57 barrel and installed a new barrel clambered in 284? If so, who did the work and specs on new barrel please.
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    NIB Zeiss Conquest V6 1-6x24 Illum MOA

    Bought this for a build that never happened. It is NIB, never mounted or handled. Perfect condition with zero marks includes box and paperwork. Opticsplanet sells it for $1699. Price is $1095 shipped. Zeiss CONQUEST V6 1-6x24 ill. ZMOA Reticle w/ BDC Turret, Black, 522215-9995-070 Reticle...
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    Kimber hunter or Montana - 7mm08 or 308

    I have a Kimber Adirondack in 308 that's LNIB. Range one time and shot 150ABs at 3/4" so proven shooter.
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    257 Roberts ammo and brass

    Thanks. Looking for at least 50 up to 200 pieces.
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    257 Roberts ammo and brass

    Having a 257R built and need some ammo or brass. If you have any you will sell, please PM me. Thanks. Jason
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    32 Winchester special ammo

    I have a few boxes of 165ftx if interested
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    WTT: RL-26 for h4831sc or h4350

    I will trade for couple pounds. I have both 4831sc and 4350. I'm in ATL.
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    30 cal 165gr AccuBonds on @$39.99

    Thanks! Ordered a couple boxes for $84 shipped... good deal.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Win 70 300 WSM

    I will take it for $675 shipped.
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    Cooper 264 Win Mag

    Is this the painted laminated stock or synthetic stock?
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    Custom Accurate Ordnance Built 6.5 Creedmoor

    Most accurate rifle I ever owned...shot everything I put thru it in one ragged hole.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Mountain Rifle / 257 Roberts

    I'm pretty sure Rem built the 257R in short action on Mtn Rifle and in long action in the 700 Classic series.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a 280ai hunter

    There's a nice Cooper 280ai stainless on Rokslide for $1800
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    West Texas Ordnance 30-06

    8lbs with scope? Scope included?