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    Nosler long range accubond 30 cal 190 gr - results?

    I, too, am curious about factory loads of ABLR in 30-06 and effects on elk & muleys. Am in the midst of building up a lightweight R700 action for a dedicated mountain rifle and thinking about ammunition performance... Johnny
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    "Mountain rifles" for backpack hunting

    ...or on the BJJ/MMA mat. My abs are hiding under an insulating layer Having 25 y/o’s kick my a— every day and still showing up was a test the first few months. Now I can’t imagine life without it.
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    "Mountain rifles" for backpack hunting

    Speaking of taking the weight off - I’m just as obsessed as the rest of ya about finding that perfect rifle for the steep, deep hunts. However, I still marvel at how much cheaper it is to simply drop 10-20 lbs of fat (at least for my 50 y/o self that is 20 lbs overweight!). Have been working...
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    Newbie checking in...

    Howdy- My quick intro. Joined up because I see tremendous value in the forums here. Thanks to so many that have contributed to the body of knowledge. Very heartening to see such a group of shooters! Wife, daughter, self and our two retrievers live much of the year in New England, but...

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