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    Thors Hammer Thundered!

    Great looking buck. Congratulations
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    Texas Panhandle Mule Deer

    Great looking buck. Congratulations
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    1176 yard bull

    Congratulations. Nice bull
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    NM Buck

    Great looking buck.
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    Please school me on breaks

    Take a look at utube markandsamafterwork.
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    Looking for a custom rifle maker - high quality

    West texas Ordnance. Great people.
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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    Try west texas Ordnance. They are a great group of people.
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    Longrangish Hammer bullet shots

    Thanks for the effort and time. Great information.
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    22 creedmoor

    I live in south texas. I will be hunting deer. But I would like to shoot steel with it also.
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    22 creedmoor

    Great information. Thanks.
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    22 creedmoor

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    22 creedmoor

    Thank you.
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    22 creedmoor

    Thank you for the info.
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    22 creedmoor

    Which one do you like better the 22-250ia or the 22 creedmoor?
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    22 creedmoor

    Thanks. How much freebore?