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    .300 Wby

    Nighthawk, if you go to the Sierra website, they list a number where you can call one of their ballistic consultants who will be happy to give you all the info you need. For example, they gave me great info for using Retumbo powder with 7mm MK's when even Hodgdon could offer no data.
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    Zeiss Conquest

    Holmes, call 1-800-441-3005, ask for Sports Optics, then ask for Carol (I think her extension is 5586 but I no longer have it). She spoke to the Productline Manager for the Conquest who said I could retrofit the target turrets on the 3.5-10 but he could not answer why I could not on the 3-9 and...
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    Zeiss Conquest

    MOA, I just ordered a 3.5-10x44 Conquest from J&G Sales for $428.50. I too considered the Leupold 1" but went with the Zeiss. Etched reticle, 66min adjustment, one piece tube, brilliant optics and lifetime trans. warranty. I called Zeiss first and they confirmed the target turrets can be...

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